The Power of Kumantongs - Tips from Kumantong 4D Follower

Kumantong 4D Predictions are very accurate and steady. To get to know What I mean by that, continue reading...

For Example you want to buy Lottery( 4D / Pick 4 / Pick 3) to win instantly but always didn't come out, You then let your guard down and stop buying for good.. Suddenly, the numbers indeed comes out..

Who do you blame? The Master, The Kumantong, or YourSelf ? I've seen far too many desperate, plus impatience Kumantong 4D Followers who just buy 4D Numbers for few draws and then stop buying altogether and then later shoot out Direct Hit TOP PRIZE... WHO TO BLAME?

I have to admit I myself is a very impatient person when it comes to winning money. I cant wait to win but I stay firm and keep continue buying Kumantong 4D Numbers , at the same time keeping my emotion checked, regardless of winning or losing. You will get to experience The Power of Kumantong when Your patience pays off.

I didn't win much previously, only Ibet System Win but that is just an Appetizer and the Spiritual Beings are teaching You about PATIENCE.

Recently, within just 2 weeks I have won over a 1000 dollars from Starter prize shooting to Singapore. I have the tickets as evidence.

I Know this "Kumantong 4D Power" guy in Person and I must say... He is the Only person who ,himself buys whatever number he gives out. No any self-proclaimed 4D Masters who gave out 4D numbers in my whole life is as close as what he can give.

Being patient is the key to winning. Kumantongs are playful just like us Human Kids are playful too.

Asking Kumantong for numbers is like telling a small boy to do his homework and You must keep coaxing. but once he gets the hang of it that is where the big winnings start to pour in.

My Advice to all 4D Punters in Singapore and Malaysia , and Lottery Players from Western Countries who already bought Kumantongs or intend to keep Kumantong ... Never Let Your Guard DOWN. Never lose faith in Kumantongs.


And Remember the SPIRITUAL BEINGS ( KUMANTONGS/DEITIES/GHOSTS/SPIRITS) already want to help us win..

It's just whether We choose to accept their gifts or not and also ..

I've got myself Kumantong , Taoist Talismans and other Spiritual Stuffs ( Black Magic Talismans - which are not on sale publicly) from Kumantong 4D Master, yet I am still follow Kumantong 4D Power.

Anyway, I am a Lazy person, I have all the good spiritual stuffs but I continue to follow Kumantong 4D Numbers.

Nic. Tan - Singapore