Why keep a Kumantong instead of a Taoist Version Ghost Kid - Gui-Kia (茅山鬼仔) ?

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In Taoist Sorcery, such as Southern Mao-Shan Sect (南传茅山派) and Gui Shan Sect (鬼山派), the most powerful type of ghosts (and only type) to be Kept are those people who died from unnatural death such as commiting suicide, murdered, accident etc and must be below 40 years old.

In modern days society, these type of souls are hard to come by as no one is there to immediately and secretly inform You who just died from unnatural death (and the location of death).. so You can't immediately turn up to do a soul-capturing ritual.

Another problem is Taoist Sorcery does not have the practice of having a shop for You to rent (or buy) a ghost. The ghosts captured are for personal use by the Taoist Master / Sorcerer.

The best alternative / solution is to keep a Kumantong but make sure it is genuine (The child figurine contains a spirit).

Thai / Cambodian Spiritual Masters are continiously doing rituals to welcome the dead child souls to become Kumantongs so that can be worshipped and help human folks.

Kumantongs can be rent (or bought) from the Spiritual Master directly or from a spiritual shop.

Later on, You can use Your own spiritual skills, or Taoist Sorcery Ritual to train the Kumantongs for Your own benefits (such as Ask Kumantongs to predict the upcoming Lottery Numbers). -  Taoist Sorcery Ghost Capturing Talismans

To keep a genuine well-trained Kumantong for Yourself can check out  >> How to Order, Keep and Pray A Genuine, Well-Trained Powerful Kumantong (Take note: It is very expensive).

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