Grab It Hard Scare It Dies, Loosen It Scare It Flies

The Success or Failure of a person in life can be predicted way before the person buys and own a Kumantong / Taoist Talisman.

"Grab It Hard Scare It Dies, Loosen It Scare It Flies" ( In Hokkien: Deh, Gia Si - Bang, Gia Pueh) - A person who is holding onto a bird, can't decide whether to grip it hard or loosen the grip. If grip it too tight scare the bird dies, if loosen the grip, scare the bird flies away.

A guy or man who is always slow in decision making will never make big in life. This type of people spend too much time pondering on the outcome and then miss the good stuffs or chance and regret later. They expect 100% confirmation things will work out before they do anything in life.

Below are examples of the different mindset of people who are interested in Kumantong 4D Prediction and also those who show interest in the Kumantong / Taoist Talisman .

The Failure of those people who are interested in Kumantong 4D Prediction
- "Wah Lao... Need to pay money to view the Kumantong 4D Numbers... Don't want already." and then later... " Wah Lao... the followers strike and strike again... shit man.. If I pay and follow earlier will also strike 4D already.. but .... if I follow now, don't know whether still got chance to strike or not. I think wait and see 1st."

The Success of Kumantong 4D Followers
- "Bro, how can I pay? I want to follow. I pay now" and later " Bro, thanks ! I got strike! will be sending You the Ang Bao / Duit Kopi / Beer Money later."

The Failure of those people who are interested in Kumantong / Talisman
- " Why so expensive ? Is it real or not? Does the Kumantong or Talisman confirm will help me? How can I get it for Free? What if it cannot help me? What if ... Then How... But then ... " and finally... " Shit... other people who bought the Kumantong / Talisman strike 4D already... but if I bought it and then I am not that lucky how? "

The Success of Kumantong / Talisman Owners
- " Bro, How much is it? I want to buy and pay now" and later... " Bro, thanks ! Your spiritual stuffs are damn powerful ! Either Strike or just miss by 1 number! Will get more from You anytime soon!"

-These are the group of Kumantong and Talisman Owners who received the blessings from Kumantong / Talisman almost immediately because they don't question the efficacy of the spiritual power. They make their decision fast >> I like it , I believe in it- How Much? - I pay now - Thanks - I strike already.

How a person handle decisions in life can be foretold immediately whether this person will be successful or be a failure in their life , even before they ever get help from a Kumantong / Taoist Talisman.

People who make fast decision are often time a business owner or a future business owner. They don't waste too much time deciding and work things out along the way.

People who never make big in life are those who always scare to loose and scare to die.