I've been buying the same 4D & Toto Numbers but why until now still never strike?

"... I am struggling so much for money. I have debt to clear. My daughter must get married. My business is not moving. Please help me. I used to buy the same 4D numbers and Toto numbers, but until now still haven't strike anything yet. Please advise me. If strike, I will do to my ability...Thanks " - V.K , Singapore

To all 4D & Toto Players...

4D Results are forever changing and never the same on every draws. You don't expect 4D Results to come out Your numbers. You have to figure out what numbers might come out on the 1st Prize and just buy that number.


By asking Chinese Wealth Gods, Indian Wealth Gods , or Ghosts ( Chinese Gui-Kia, Thai Kumantongs, Malay Toyols, or ghosts in the graveyards, or spirits of the dead people who have just committed suicide, or died from accidents, or banana spirits, or the wandering spirits etc).

If You know, You can do it by yourself. If You don't know how, then seek help from a spiritual master, or Kumantong 4D Master.