Are there many types of “katha” to call the kumanthong?

"I just wanted to know are there many types of “katha” to call the kumanthong? Or is there one that all spirits listen and obey? And if I buy one from you, will it obey me? Is the katha short or long could you give me an example.

Because I have been doing a lot of research and it appears to be that there are many kathas and I am confused as to which one will work. I don’t want to call an evil spirit. I just need an obedient kumanthong with a simple katha that they will be able to carry out my wishes."

There are different katha for Kumantongs created by different Monks and Ar-Chans. But there is one universal Kumantong Katha that can be used for all Kumantongs. The Universal Kumantong Katha .. has a long and a short version... It has already posted on Kumantong For You Blog >> Kumantong Katha

Take note: Kumantongs are Child Spirits that can only DO GOOD and NO EVIL. Only Taoist Ghost Kids and Toyol (Malay Ghost Kids) can be command to do good and evil.

Praying to Kumantongs is very simple and asking for Lottery Numbers is also very simple.

Just burn incense or aroma sticks / cones and then say the simple Kumantong Katha... and use your spoken language and say out Your wish... very soon Your wish will come true.... and the Lottery Numbers is at least 90% correct.