Taoist Black Magic or Gong Tau ? - Which one more Powerful?

In South East Asia, Chinese Folks have also refer Black Magic done by a Chinese as Gong Tau, 降头 (Black Magic of South East Asia).

Taoist Black Magic

The term "Taoist Black Magic" means using Black Magic Talismans( In Chinese Characters) and Chinese Spells to summon the ghosts and spirits on earth, the 5 ghosts (Of Taoist Folk Religion) and spiritual soldiers from the nether worlds to do evil or seek revenge on enemies.

Taoist Black Magicians can simply cast Black Magic onto a person by just using Paper Talismans (Usually Yellow Colour or Green Colour Paper is used for Black Magic) and chanting magical spells to call upon the animal spirits , ghosts, spiritual soldiers to attack the enemies/victims.

Taoist Sorcery does includes the knowledge of Ghosts Keeping as Spiritual Servants to do good and evil. However, ghosts keeping is not necessary in order to be able to cast black magic spells.

In Taoist Black Magic, the popular "5 ghosts" are very often engaged. "5 ghosts" in Taoist Sorcery don't need to be captured , pray or fed all the time. They are called upon (by paper talisman and magic spells) when in need of them for help and then send off when the Black Magic Ritual is over.

In Malaysia and Indonesia, Black Magic is known as ILMU HITAM.

Gong Tau Magic (降头术)
Gong Tau Magic (降头术) is what the Chinese call it, which is referring to a unique type of Black Magic , originated from Yunan China and spread to the natives folks in South East Asia such as Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia etc. Native Folks from Malaysia and Indonesia call it SANTAU.

In Gong Tau Magic (降头术) or SHANTAU, very often the use of a concoction of deadly poisons, extracted from animals,insects and plants, as a form of Sorcery. The deadly poison concoction is usually added to food or drink to be consumed by the Victim. The Black Magician, who is spiritually powerful, can send the black magic potion from thin air and enter the victim.

During exorcism of these unlucky victims, they would often vomit worms or insects from their mouths. When Bomohs ( Whitch Doctors) use Chicken Eggs to rub onto the bodies of the victims, the eggs will reveal worms / insects when the egg shells are cracked open. Know-It-All Kids and Adults non-believers always consider these scenes as sleight-of-hands.

In Indonesia, they also have the practice of raising ghosts or spirits called "Batara Karang" literally translated the word "Batara" is deity, "Karang" is fossilized coral. It is believed to be the fossilized, shrunken mummy of a Shaman who practiced a certain Javanese cultivation called "BATARA KARANG".

Bomohs (Malay and Indonesian Witch Doctors /Shamahs) of Malaysia and Indonesia also have their own way to invoke and command genie, demons, or ghosts and spirits to attack or hurt the victim or enemies.

Chinese Taoist Masters, who settled down in South East Asia, have also combined the knowledge of "Gong Tau" (降头术),which they learned in their new home ground and these combination of Taoist Sorcery with Gong Tau (降头) is now, widely being called MAO SHAN GONG TAU (茅山降头). The reason is because most Chinese who have no deep knowledge on Chinese Black Magic will generalize all kind of Black Magic done by a Chinese, using Taoist Style Talismans and Chinese spells as "Mao Shan Magic"(茅山术). With the combination of Black Magic of South East Asia , known as Gong Tau (降头) , they simply combine the name and call it MAO SHAN GONG TAU (茅山降头).

Different races and cultures have shown the similarity of the types of Black Magic. The only difference is the language used in the spells and their specific ways of invoking and commanding the spirits/ghosts/demons. Therefore, all are powerful in their own ways.

In Taoist Sorcery, simplicity is the key.
If someone is offended or being "wronged" by another person, a Taoist Sorcerer can immediately draw a Talisman and quickly chant a spell and call upon the "5 ghosts" to follow and enter the house of the target or enemy and disturb him or the whole family.