I thought Talisman and Amulet should be given Free? Why must I pay for it?

"Why Must I Pay For Your Kumantongs/Talismans/Amulets ? I thought these kind of things should be given to me for FREE to help me?"

Answering this question from a Westerner:
You must understand that to the Chinese Folks/Thai Folks/Folks in Asian Culture , they may get Spiritual Stuff for "FREE" but they know they have to "AUTOMATIC" the MONEY onto the DONATION BOX. This is the unspoken rules of respect / faith / trust to the monk / master and temple. Even running a temple needs money - Electric and Water Bills, helpers' allowances etc.

Answering this question from Chinese/Indian/Malay in Singapore/Malaysia/Asia:

The 1st second You have the thought " I ONLY WANT IT FREE", the "Cheapskate" in You is already revealed, which is deep in Your psychic from the day you are born. Blame Your parents for not teaching You how to be a HUMAN.

Understanding a Cheapskate:
It is a disgrace for an Asian to be a Cheapskate. Usually Asian Cheapskates happen to be in their teenage years or in the early 20s and their parents are often English educated, westernised and is usually a working class in higher position in the work-force. Asian Cheapskates were not taught by their parents about sharing with people around them. Main-stream English Schooling System is also the culprit in producing Cheapskates , who were taught about challenging one another to become "Best Student" in school , instead of teaching how to support one another.

Normally, You can observe the Cheapskates around You. These are the type who will never even buy You a cup of Coffee/Tea and never offer You a cigarette. But, they expect You to spend money on them instead. When You have money, they want to meet You for FREE FOOD and when they have GOOD FOOD, they are afraid that You know about it and will hide at one corner to eat his GOOD FOOD. These people will also wonder why nobody likes them and why they have so few friends and why no one want to go out with him or her.

Because of this... even keeping a genuine, powerful talisman/amulet will not make any positive changes in Your luck and life because the deities/ghosts know You won't benefit people around You and any goodies or goodness You received from the spiritual help will be just for Your own selfish pleasure and entertainment.

Even Human Folks never help Cheapskates.

The life of Real Spiritual Masters:

Real Spiritual Masters (Taoist Master/Buddhist Masters) spend many years in learning Taoist Magic/Buddhist Magic, from novice stage to high level stage, starting from memorising few thousands Taoist Spells/Buddhist Spells and memorising over thousands over different wordings (Special Chinese Characters with specific twists and turns and secret strokes used in writing different Taoist Talismans / Yantra Design for Buddhist Amulets) and also spend many years to master the skills to call upon child ghosts to enter statues/figurines and then spend many hours to chant and transform the child ghosts into Kumantongs and have to learn , master and perform sorcery skills.

After spending many years to learn and master the Taoist Magic Skills, You expect to get Free Genuine plus Powerful Magical Goodies and Free Consultation from Spiritual Masters?

Real Spiritual Masters is a profession and they have to charge money for their sorcery service, charge money on their Talisman/Amulet/Kumantong etc. They are just like lawyers charging money to fight a case, doctors charging money to treat patients, or a plumber charging money to fix your toilet bowl.

It is like any businesses which require money to sustain. Real Spiritual Masters need to pay money to buy materials and spend his time and use his expertise to create talisman/amulets/kumantongs and also they have to spend the time and his expertise to perform Sorcery Magic for You.

If You want spiritual stuffs (Kumantongs/Buddhist Amulets/Taoist Talismans) for FREE, it is better that You visit a Big Temple in your community for Free Spiritual Stuffs. But I have to remind You , the Ready-To-Bring-Home Talismans You get from the Big Temples ( especially in Singapore) are just mass-printed Yellow Papers with no spiritual power. Only uneducated parents and uneducated grand-parents still happily bring the useless, powerless Talisman back home to paste on their home main door.

Big Temples can give mass-printed Yellow Papers and say they are FREE because culturally, most old Chinese folks are very generous in giving DONATION to the temples they go for prayers , regardless whether they are receiving any "Talismans" (be it real or fake), and then, the Big Temples can show their "generosity" to the public by giving "FREE" Lucky Goodies. This must be the main reason why so many Westerners thought it is the right thing to demand for FREE talisman/amulet, because Temples are always giving them out for "FREE".

There are some Taoist Temples that have genuine Spiritual Mediums in trance of Chinese Deities that provide genuine Taoist Talismans but You need to wait until the Taoist Mediums are in trance of a Deity to receive the Genuine Taoist Talisman ( Medium will empower the paper/cloth talisman by cutting their tongues with sharp blades and dip the blood from the tongue onto the talismans) ... BUT AGAIN... the Taoist Talismans You received from Taoist Mediums are just simple 'spiritual protection and prevent mishap' talisman, which the spiritual power of the talisman will only last You 1 year and then You need to bring back the same talisman to the same temple when the Mediums are in trance again and then to have the Talisman to be re-empowered again and again on a yearly basis. Don't Forget - There is also a DONATION BOX , which You NEED to "AUTOMATIC".

If You need Premium Quality Talisman such as Wealth Talisman for wealth/strike lottery/financial windfall and also "All In One" Protection Talisman for spiritual protection / prevent mishap / get rid of villains / attract good friends/get rid of fish bones stuck on throats/ concentrate on studies/... and Powerful Kumantong for Striking the Lottery etc , You need to pay Money to get it.

However, the return of investment (You Pay just one time to get it) are unlimited and last forever. There is no limit on how many times You can seek Lottery Numbers from Kumantong and Talisman. There is no limit on how long the Protection Talisman remain it's spiritual power, it last forever.

If You still insist on getting a Kumantong/Talisman/Amulet for "FREE", then all You have to do is pay the required amount of "DONATION" and then You will receive a Kumantong/Talisman/Amulet.

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