How to receive the proper energy for my Taoist Deity Statue?

"How can I consecrate the deity statue myself or with any other alternate ritual... The deity I have is Guan Yu or Kuan kong... Please give me any advice on how to receive the proper energy for my deity and any specifications on the proper way to pray to that deity (Guan Gong/Guan Yu/Guan Di), offerings and so forth... If there is anything I can do to charge positively my altar please let me know..."

If Your deity has not gone through proper consecration, You need to immediately hang a Yellow Talisman on the altar, behind the deity statue. It will automatically empower the whole altar. If worshiping and praying on the non-consecrated Deity Statue has been going on for very long time, the Deity Statue should had possessed by a Wandering Spirit, instead or the specific Deity of the Statue. The hanging of the Yellow Talisman will get rid of the wandering spirit and replace with the proper specific Deity, relating to the Image of Statue.

The Yellow Talisman is suitable for all kind of deities You are praying to.
The White Talisman is suitable for any Deities that is related to wealth and luck.

Blessed , Empowered Taoist Deity Statues that will go through proper consecration are available.
*Western Folks interested to buy Consecrated Taoist Statues, Send an Email to discuss.

Taoist Deity Statues need to be consecrated by a trained Taoist Master or by a Taoist Deity, while in trance by a Taoist Spiritual Medium. Not any Dick,Tom and Harry can perform consecration of Taoist Deity.

Before consecration begins, praying materials need to be set up. Specific Talismans need to be drawn. The brush and ink pad need to be cleansed and empowered with chanting rituals. Empowering a Taoist Deity Statue takes a huge amount of time and work.
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