Why Kumatong isn't eating anything that I serve for him?

"I just brought Kumantong to my home three days before and i just wanna know that...why Kumantong isn't eating anything that I serve for him esp milk..bananna..sweets..candies? does it means he ignores me or angry with me?"

Folks who have been keeping Kumantongs or wishing/wanting to keep Kumantongs always thought that Kumantongs need to EAT to survive.

1st of All...

The truth is Kumantongs are spiritual beings and they need no food. The main reason for doing food offerings is just a way to show them You respect them and You love them. If You don't offer any food, the Kumantongs will not run away,they will not throw tantrums and they will not seek revenge on You.

Stop listening to the Shop Assistants in the Thai Amulets Shops, stop receiving all the wrong information from teenage kids in Thai Amulet forums..

Many Kumantong Owners waste a lot of money buying food to pray to Kumantongs daily and then throw away the food later after prayer. You may do food offering (Milk, Bananas, Sweets, Chcolates, Packet Drinks etc) if You want to, but keep the plastic bag un-open. After prayer, You eat the food Yourself, or distribute to Your family members, share among Your neighbours, or distribute the Food Offering to the Kids in your neighbourhood.

To cut cost, You may just do food offerings when You  STRIKE THE LOTTERY (4D /TOTO / PICK 3 / PICK 4 / LOTTO) with the Numbers given by Your Kumantongs.

If You are already doing food offering on a daily basis...

It is very rare chance to be able to see a Kumantong play with the food..

Not all Kumantongs are interested (or willing) to show You their presence. Some Kumantongs are very powerful and always do amazing stunts to entertain Your or scare You on a daily basis but most Kumantongs are not interested to show You their presence or have no power to do stunts to make known their presence.

If there is no sign of Kumantong playing with the food, it doesn't not mean the Kumantong is not there. The best way to know Your Kumantongs are always present  is to consistently STRIKE THE LOTTERY (4D /TOTO / PICK 3 / PICK 4 / LOTTO)  from the numbers given by Your Kumantongs.