Why Winning The Lottery Is Important? And How To Win?

Many highly educated and straight-minded, working-class folks (Who is still cheap enough / young enough or lucky enough to hold onto a job) and also the hardworking folks will often immediately ridicule at the people who wish to depend on striking the Lottery ( Lotto / Toto /Pick 4 /Pick 3) to reach financial freedom.

There is nothing wrong being a working-class but You lose all Your personal freedom (Unless You truly love Your work and not forcing Yourself to act as if You love Your work).

Working-Class Mindset people love to argue like this:" If everybody do business, then who do the work?". These are the Idiots who do the work. You have the choice to choose to work for a Boss or be the Boss and get workers to work for You. Anyway, Working-Class Folks are needed in Society to let it functions properly and hopefully robots and machines won't completely take over the jobs of Working-Class.

Very often, these same working-class folks will one day:

1)Lose their jobs and desperately need money for survival and yet still cannot get any jobs fast enough and their savings are going to be wipe out soon.

2)Accumulate huge financial debts due to personal financial mismanagement , gambling in casinos or sudden expensive hospital bills to pay (Personal or Family Members).

3)Want to get married, start a family, buy house but no money to pay for wedding banquet and not enough money for initial down payment for a house.

4)Realize they are going nowhere by being a working-class forever and wish to set up their own business / company. Few people wake up to this understanding at a young age, while many people only get to realize about this when they reach late 40s and 50s of age, due to retrenchment / lay off / being replaced with a cheaper foreign worker.

From Working-Class Idiot to becoming a Boss, through Winning the Lottery

Most Working-Class Folks don't have the means to becoming a Boss.

To set up a Business/Company, the Working-Class Folks know exactly that they need capital to start up a Business/Company. Many Working-Class Folks are surrounded by working-class family members, working-class relatives and working-class friends and they don't have money to lend or have the money but the fear that the borrower may lose all their money if the business fail and cannot pay back the loan. The fear of losing personal hard-earn savings as business start-up capital also stop many people from taking the 1st step to set up a small business/company, which eventually, someday may lead to become the future owner of many businesses and companies.

Some people will say Internet Marketing can start off with very small capital or zero capital. The problem is..... to create Internet Businesses, yet again.... You need some basic knowledge of setting up websites, learning about SEO ( Search Engine Optimization) to reach out to target potential customers/clients , understand about Social Marketing etc , which YOU NEED TIME TO LEARN and TIME TO START DOING before You start to see automatic money keeps coming in, and if You are working for somebody, the time left for Yourself is to rest and sleep and then to go back to work to continue Your robotic routine again to make somebody rich.

Some folks will mention about making money from Stock Market. To be good in Stock Marketing Trading, yet again and again, time and money is needed to pay and attend Stock Trading seminars, buy Stock Trading books to read and learn and have money to start playing the Stock Market and have enough money to lose and practice, before getting good with it. Being a Working Class, You don't have the time to learn to trade and no money to trade.

How to be rich?
You need to:
1) Build businesses/companies ( Or at least have the time and the knowledge to build Internet Businesses/Marketing

2) To trade the Stock Markets

3) To invest in Properties.




YES, INDEED. There are Chinese, settled down in South East Asia, who believe in spiritual power, have sought the help of Chinese Deities ( during trance of a medium) and also the Child Ghosts/ Child Spirits kept by Taoist Masters are able to help the folks to strike EXACT WINNING NUMBERS to clear off debts, to pay for wedding, to have money as initial down payment on a new house and have enough money to set up a business/shop/company.

The Chinese (and also the Indians) in Singapore and Malaysia , who have won few thousands dollars to few hundred thousand dollars from the help of Chinese Deities or from the ghosts/spirits kept by Taoist Masters, will know the fact that it is REAL.

To the Western Folks, they don't get to experience on striking the Lottery from the help of Deities, even though some Western Folks strongly believe in Taoist Sorcery.

Take Note: Many people may think since Taoist Masters have the ability to interact with Deities and Ghosts, therefore they will strike Lottery many times and become very rich. The truth is before they start to learn Taoist Sorcery, their Masters make them swear to heaven that they cannot use their magical power for self-fish gains. They can only let other people strike the Lottery and not for themselves. They can only keep the " Token of Appreciation" given to them by the Lottery Winners. If the Taoist Masters were to buy and strike the Lottery from the help of Deities or Ghosts, all the winnings will be donated to temples, orphanages and old folks homes.

Chinese Deities don't just let anybody strike the Lottery
Chinese Deities (during trance of a spirit medium) will only provide confirm-will-strike Lottery Winning Numbers to people who are genuinely in need of financial help. Chinese Deities can see through the real character of a person and will not give any financial aid, be it Lottery Numbers, to a person who will squander away immediately the money gain from Lottery Winning , such as visiting the Casinos or on entertainment, instead of using for good cause, such as starting up a business , pay off hospital bills etc.

Usually they are the "Highly Educated" Individuals who think Deities and Spirits are non-existence or they are the "GODS". The Chinese, who are born Christians, or converted to Christians are forced not to believe the power of spiritual forces and using them to strike Lottery, and Christians can't even play the Lottery at the 1st Place.

Folks, who face financial difficulties, will start to wonder if there is a greater force up there or out there that can help to immediately clear their financial woes. This is the time when they start to dig for information on "HOW TO STRIKE THE LOTTERY".

While digging for information on "HOW TO STRIKE THE LOTTERY", 98% of these people (especially the Western Folks) will always end up on the websites promoting "How to Strike Lottery" Ebooks that teach You how to analyze and study potential winning numbers , which need You to spend Your precious hours doing it.

For Singaporeans and Malaysians, these "Need or Want to strike the Lottery" Folks will end up on websites that promote Lottery Prediction Software, which cost few hundred dollars or having to buy "List of Potential Winning Numbers" by the self-proclaimed Lottery Gurus, which they personally never buy the Potential Winning Numbers (sold to you) themselves and then expect You to worship them as God Of Lottery and force You to give them "Token Of Appreciation" when one of their potential winning numbers do come out (even if You never buy).

Who Can or Cannot Bet the Lottery?

1) The Christians are not allowed to bet on Lottery. So the Christians who are facing financial difficulties will have to treat it that "The God is testing him/her hardship."

2) Muslims are not allowed to bet on Lottery. Anyway, many Malays(From Singapore, Malaysia) and Indonesians are "Muslims" in the Public Eyes but secretly they are still practicing their Ancient Animistic Magic. Thus, Malays and Indonesians, who practice Black Magic themselves or have contacts with Bomohs are still able to get winning Lottery Numbers from the ghosts/spirits/jinns during their Black Magic Ritual (Ilmu Hitam) but this practice is considered "Haraam" in Islam.

3) The Buddhists. The real Buddhists who are practicing Buddhism are not interested in Money , therefore they don't buy Lottery. Those so-called "Buddhists" who are not practicing Buddhism but just know how to pray to Buddhas, Bodhisattva and many other Buddhists' Deities (example think of the people who pray to deities found in Thai Buddhism) are able to receive highly accurate lottery Numbers given by the Deities during the Magic Ritual. When these " Buddhists" face financial difficulties or want extra money from spiritual help, they know where to seek the help from Spiritual Masters (Arjans). Some folks keep Kumantongs and seek Lottery Numbers from Kumantong themselves. Two Female Goddesses, namely, Mae Nang Kwak and Phra Mae Thoranee ( Earth Goddess), found in Thai Mysticism, are also prayed to for Lottery Luck. There are Spiritual Masters , trained in Thai Mysticism, do magic ritual to call upon deities to show the potential winning Numbers. The know-it-all often condemn such sudden appearing of Lottery Numbers on paper or cloth are sleight-of-hands illusion trick done by the spiritual masters themselves. You will believe the truth once You strike the Lottery Numbers appeared on the paper or cloth during the magic ritual.

4) The Hindus. The Indians, who are Hindus, have the freedom to bet on Lottery. Black Magic of South East Asia are originated from India but the problem is .. it seems that there is no more Hindu Spiritual Masters in Singapore that can perform Black magic, let alone to call upon deities or ghosts/spirits to give out potential winning Lottery Numbers. Even the statues of Hindu Deities are not consecrated and also no Hindu Priests can be found to do a powerful consecration to empower the Hindu Deity statues, before being sold to the public in Little India, Singapore. In fact, anyone was to buy a powerful,consecrated Elephant God (Ganesha), Shiva and other Hindu Deities have to buy them from Thai-Buddhism shops instead. The Hindus, even though they can't get Potential Winning Lottery Numbers directly from their own Spiritual Source, they are still able to seek help from Taoist Deities , such as Tua-Peh-Kong , Tua Yah Peh, Di Ya Peh, Ji Gong etc ( See: Chinese Gods of Wealth). The Hindus have the freedom to pray to other Deities from other Faiths , same as the Taoists are also having the freedom to pray to Hindu Deities.

5) The Chinese (Who are born Taoists and choose to continue to be Taoists) are the lucky people who can immediately seek help from the Deities and Ghosts/Spirits to win the Lottery and clear their Financial Difficulties (To clear hospital bills, pay off bad debts) or get the huge financial windfall from Winning The Lottery, as the initial capital for their business start-up or to pay for Wedding, initial installment for buying a house etc.

How, When and Where to get help from Chinese Deities or Ghosts/Spirits and other methods to strike the Lottery?

1) In Singapore, there are only few Taoist Masters left , maybe 1 or 2 , who perform Taoist Sorcery and also keep child ghosts, which can help to strike the Lottery. There are still quite a number of Taoist Masters in Malaysia who can perform Taoist Sorcery and use Ghost to let You strike Lottery.

2) Important Celebration Days of certain Taoist Deities in temples and make-shift temples are to be take note because Highly Accurate Potential Winning Lottery Numbers will be given by the Deities. During this period, the Lottery Numbers will be written down on Joss -Papers and paste on the Altar to be viewed and share to the public.

3) Seek help directly in the Temples or Home Temples from the Taoist Deities during Trance . Usually the consultation from a Deity is 1 time per week or on every 1st and 15th of every lunar month. Make sure You have genuine financial problem before You ask for Lottery Numbers or You simply tell the Deity about Your financial problem and let the deity find the best solution to solve Your financial problem. Know which Taoist Deities who can and may provide You with Potential winning Lottery Numbers: http://chinese-gods-of-wealth.blogspot.com

4) Seek help from Genuine Taoist Fortune Tellers who use Taoist Style Divination and Cards Reading to predict high quality Lottery Prediction. Many Chinese Folks have strike Toto/ Pick 4 when seeking help from Taoist Fortune Tellers.

5) Learn Taoist Sorcery from a Taoist Master, if You can find one, and is willing to teach You. After that You can keep asking the Ghosts/ Spirits for Potential Winning Lottery Numbers.

6) Keep a Holy Version Child Ghost - Kumantong and then You can keep asking for Lottery Numbers. - Learn How: http://kumantong-4-u.blogspot.com

7) Keep a Taoist Wealth Talisman and then keep seeking help from Chinese Gods Of Wealth for Lottery Numbers. - Learn How: http://talisman-4-u.blogspot.com