How To Get Rid Of Kumantong?

".... I need your advise how to get rid of Kumantong when I don't need it in future."

Praying and Keeping a Kumantong is a Long Term Thing and shouldn't be "thrown away". Kumantongs are Real Child Ghosts (converted to Buddhism) that have feelings like human kids.

If in any circumstances, You need to get rid of the Kumantongs , due to family's objection ,wife's objection etc or simply have no interest in praying or keeping Kumantongs anymore, You can:

1) Give to someone who appreciate Kumantongs

2) Return the Kumantongs back to the seller, the temple or any temples that accept unwanted deity statues (Exp: Shuan Lin Shi Temple in Singapore, Toa Payoh).

If there is no one in Your social circle who keep Kumantongs or no temples nea You want to accept Kumantongs ......

3)You can go to a Seaside , burn incense sticks and do a small prayer and tell the Kumantong that You are setting him free and You wish him a good rebirth in future and then throw the Kumantong Statue/Mini Oil Bottle/Amulet into the Sea.

4) Give Your Kumantongs to Kumantong 4D Master. Email: