The Fastest way to Strike 4D & What to Do?

In 4D, there are 0000 to 9999, which is 10,000 sets of numbers. The are only 3 TOP Prizes. The chances of You to win in one TOP 3 Prize is 3 out of 10,000 sets. If You want to depend on Pure Luck to Strike 4D, You better don't buy and You can save up Your money.

Everyday You see people line up to buy the Lottery. Almost 99% of them are just betting base on  pure luck.

Buy 4D / Toto only if there is spiritual intervention (Help from Deities or Ghosts / Spirits). Seek 4D Numbers directly from a deity / ghost / spirit.

Here are the several ways, how other people try to Predict 4D..

Using 4D Analysis Software

Problem with 4D Analysis Software
1) Wasting too much time on studying numbers.
2) Lottery software end up vomiting out too many stacks of numbers to buy.

Using Matrix Square Box

Problem with Matrix Square Box
1) You still don't know which numbers to buy
2) Too many numbers to buy

Using "Feng Shui" - Buy "Feng Shui Items

Problem with "Feng Shui" to Strike 4D
Many people interested in "Feng Shui" is actually just hoping to Strike 4D. "Feng Shui" can help to enhance Wealth Luck but the problem is You don't know what numbers to buy. It is as if like using a machine gun to kill a mosquito - Over doing it and still miss.

What You want: 


Shortest time to have just one set that is at least 80% chance of winning and hit on TOP 3 Prize. You can put all eggs in one basket. If it is good, one is enough.

The reason why You buy so many numbers, because You still don't know which numbers will come out and hope one of the numbers will strike.

If You want FREE 4D Numbers...

Keep Your own ghosts and You can seek Your own Lottery Numbers all day long from them directly.  Find a spiritual master who is willing to teach You sorcery magic to capture Your own ghosts to be Your own spirit servants. Learning Fee and imparting of secret esoteric knowledge can be few hundred thousands dollars. Related Website:

Or, just buy a ghost directly from a Spiritual Master. Usually, Taoist Version of Ghost Kids are not for sale.. if it can be sold, it shall be between USD$50,000 to USD$100,000. Cheaper Option is to own a Kumantong. A genuine Kumantong that is trained in Lottery Prediction is only few thousand dollars. Related Website:

3) Do ritual or create and empower own talismans by yourself to communicate with the deities / ghosts to seek own lottery numbers by Yourself.  If You don't know how, then pay money to have a Taoist Sorcery Master to create and empower it for You. Fee is usually few hundreds to few thousands dollars. Related Webste:



1) The kind-hearted idiots and also the highly educated idiots will discourage You from buying 4D because they will tell You that base on statistics, You will never win 4D. Actually nothing wrong with that, because they don't know and don't believe the spiritual method. They never come across people who win the lottery  very often from the help from gods and ghosts.

2) Beware of fake spiritual masters (usually from Indonesia / Malaysia) who use picture editing software to show fake "winning tickets" to lure You to believe that they can provide 100% sure win 1st Prize number.

What to do?

If You don't know how, then seek help from a Spiritual 4D Master who practices what he preaches (Walking The Talk), who constantly win his own Lottery numbers 1st.
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