Kumantong Amulet , Kumantong Mini Oil Bottle, Kumantong Statue and Lup Yong, What's the Difference?

Kumantongs is one Child Spirit. They can come in Amulet, Mini Oil Bottle and Statue.

Kumantong Amulet is good for Hiding away from view. Kumantong Amulet is good for folks who just want to wear it on the neck or hook onto Key-Chain or keep inside the bag.

Kumantong Amulet is more difficult to ask 4D because there is no flat base and You have to use 1 hand to hold onto the Amulet and use Pendulum Method to get Lottery Numbers from Kumantong in the Amulet. However, You can still use White Paper Clay to create a base holder for the Kumantong Amulet so that You have 2 hands to shake a cup of numbers to seek Lottery Numbers from Kumantong Amulet.

Kumantong Amulet bring wealth and protect the wearer / keeper only.

Kumantong kept inside Mini Oil Bottle is easy to put on the table and You can create Mini Altar for him or You are also able to carry around. Kumantong Mini Oil Bottle bring wealth and protect the wearer / keeper only.

Kumantong Statue is for serious keepers. You need to create an altar or prayer corner in your house or office for Kumantong Statue. The influence of wealth and protection is wide.

Kumantong Statue attract wealth for the whole family and bring wealth to the whole company if You place in the shop or company office.

Think of Kumantong Amulet and Kumantong Mini Oil Bottle as Bluetooth and Kumantong Statue as Wireless. Bluetooth hook up to the nearest gadgets nearby and Wireless send out signals as far and wide as possible.

Serious Kumantong Collectors focus on collecting Kumantong Statues.

Lup Yong are 2 child spirits in a Mini Oil Bottle, therefore double the power than a Kumantong. Usually they come in Black and White Mini Wooden Figurines inside Mini Oil Bottle. They rarely come in statues. Some Taoist Masters keep 2 child ghosts ( Gui-Kia - Taoist Version Child Ghosts ) in a Miniature coffin and is also referred to Lup Yong.

Hong Kong and Taiwan Celebrities always secretly keep these type of a pair of Child Ghosts (Lup Yong) in a Mini Oil Bottle, so as to prevent the public or close friends to know the truth he/she keep child spirits which can help to boost their publicity.

Lup Yong have double wealth bringing and protection power than a Kumantong over the keeper because You have 2 child ghosts as Your spiritual servants.

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