Can you please provide me with a Taoist Ghost Kids and Toyol?

"Can you please me with a Taoist Ghost Kids and Toyol because that’s what I want. I don’t care about winning lotteries. I have a big problem. I am fighting in court and I have many enemies. My life and my family’s lives are in danger. I need a spirit child to help me with all the bad problems and destroy my enemies."

Taoist ghost kid and also the Toyol, is USD$20,000 and above and You must have the skill of a spiritual master to control them, if not you will be disturbed by them.

Taoist Child SPirit (Gui-Kia) and Toyol, are un-tame child ghosts which be used to good and evil, depend on the spiritual master.

For Taoist Gui-Kia or Toyol, normally the spiritual masters will keep for themselves only and will not sell.

Another type of thailand ghost kid, which is similar to Malay Toyol is Lok-Kok - dried fetus of a child. This type of ghost kid - lok-kok is hard to come by and can do good or evil, depending on the spiritual master. It cost about $20k and is hard to come by. Have to wait for a kid to die prematurely inside the mom's womb. This type You need the skill of spiritual master to control and tame it.

You shall get a Yellow Cloth Talisman for overall protection immediately. As for hexing and destroying Your enemies by using Black Magic, I shall look into it deeper on what can be done.