How To Invest In Kumantong 4D Numbers?

"Dear Kumantong 4D Master, Can u tell me how to invest in Kumantong Numbers?"

For Singaporeans:
You shall focus on Singapore Pools 4D Prediction by Oil Bottle Kumantong. Oil Bottle Kumantong is trained in seeking TOP 3 Prizes on Singapore Pools 4D.

For Malaysians:
You have a choice to bet on Magnum 4D or Sports Toto 4D or both.

If You are betting on Magnum 4D, You shall bet on the 4D Numbers given by Blacky Kumantong. Blacky Kumantong is trained in seeking TOP 3 Prizes on Magnum 4D.

If You are betting on Sports Toto 4D, You shall bet on the 4D Numbers given by Both Hands Raising Kumantong. Both Hands Raising Kumantong is trained in seeking TOP 3 Prizes on Sports Toto 4D.

Important Note:
4D Numbers predicted by the respective Kumantongs may shoot to other 4D Counters. Example: 4D Numbers, given by Oil Bottle Kumantong is to be bet on Singapore Pools 4D but later at night it comes out on TOP 3 of Magnum 4D or Sports Toto 4D.

The reasons are:
1) Kumantongs are spiritual kids that are also playful like human kids. They want You to strike 4D ( Pick 4 / Pick 3 ) but at the same time they want to play with You. Kumantongs may play Your backside but they will also give You very straight forward hints ( from the similar patterns shown between previous predictions and actual results) on how to bet for upcoming 4D Draws to strike TOP 3 Prize.

2) 4D Predictions given by Blacky Kumantong (for Magnum 4D Prediction) and Both Hands Raising Kumantong ( for Sports Toto 4D) have the tendency to come out in Singapore Pools 4D. The reason is Kumantongs give the priority to just help the Owner to strike 4D and also perhaps the Kumantongs are located in Singapore and they have a hard time detecting the uncoming 4D Numbers for Malaysia, therefore end up detecting Singapore Pools 4D Numbers instead. This is also the reason that Malaysians(and everyone) are encouraged to buy a Kumantong ( so that they can strike their own Lottery by themselves.

Kumantongs may be naughty and playful but often time, the proper 4D Prediction set will still hit on the TOP 3 of specific 4D Counter. Example: Singapore Pools 4D Prediction by Oil Bottle Kumantong come out on TOP 3 Singapore Pools 4D.

How much Money should I bet on Kumantong 4D Numbers? Should I buy Direct or System?

How much Money to bet and How to bet on Kumantong 4D Numbers will depend on individual budget.

Folks who are broke will consider winning Ibet System (for Singapore Pools 4D) / Iperm (for Sports Toto 4D) / Mbox (for Magnum 4D) very important, because to them, every cents count. Their moto: Win a bit of money is better than winning nothing.

The richer folks are not interested in winning the Ibet/Iperm/Mbox and prefer to just buy Direct / Direct Opposite and also Ordinary System. Their focus is to strike only TOP 3 Direct. Their moto: If want to strike, strike big big.

Should I buy "Big" or "Small"?
When Kumantong 4D Prediction hit a Prize , 90% chance will be in one of TOP 3 PRIZES but there is still 10% chance it will hit onto Starter/Special or Consolation. You may focus on just betting on "Small" and just aim for TOP 3 Prizes with better payout on winning TOP 3 Prize. Folks who already have lots of money will prefer to focus on betting on "SMALL" and

Just Follow this Guideline:
Kumantong 4D Prediction if strike, 90% chance will hit at TOP 3 Prize. Normally it will come out in Ibet/Iperm/Mbox but it will also come out Direct or Direct Opposite.

1) Kumantong 4D Power
2) Keep A Kumantong