Strike 1st Prize non-stop by being Generous to friends and folks around You

"Hi Kumantong 4D Master, I would like to give a Small Donation (SGD$100) to You and Your Kumantongs as I have strike 1st prize yesterday. I wasn't given any numbers by You or Kumantong but I did seek Kumantong's help in my heart as I look through Kumantong's Image on Your website (Kumantong 4D Power) and I believe he had helped me. Anyway, Stay in touch. Don't forget to give kumantong some offering and burn candles for him on my behalf. Thanks" - R.Mark.Kessler - 2 Oct 2012 - Tuesday


" Hi sly, I'm so happy to see 7993 as I was shock .... Totally happy n this number was some wrote halfway where the ticket was thrown aside . So I to it n bought the ticket . To my suprise , it hit n best of all it's first prize ! U know n u can see thru my face book almost every week I hit ever since I know Kumantong n you ! So as a token of my faith in Kumantong, I would like to offer back a token of my appreciation n offering for my mighty Kumantong. With my little token, Pls do buy what is necessary n ask Kumantong to keep blessing me always .  Pls send me your account no to transfer . Thanks sly n stay in touch . N my mighty Kumantong, Keep blessing me with safety n luck always. " - R.Mark.Kessler - 7 April 2013 - Sunday

Case Study...

When he 1st came across Kumantong 4D Power Blog, Mark didn't have the money to pay for the monthly subscription fee ( He had financial difficulty) to view Kumantong Prediction Numbers. He end up praying on Kumantongs's image instead and hope that he will strike his own 4D Numbers from Kumantongs' Blessing.

Indeed, on his 1st try, he won Direct 1st Prize. He believed he was helped by Kumantongs' Blessing and without hesitation, he immediately donate SGD$100 as offering to Kumantongs and Kumantong 4D Master. From that generous move, he was given free entrance to Kumantong 4D Power Special for life.

6 months later, Mark hit yet again.. another Direct 1st Prize. During the past 6 months, he had been striking small lottery winning on and off.  Again he stroke 1st Prize, he believed his luck was due to the blessing from Kumantongs and sent his generous donation accordingly.

Kumantnong 4D Master has his share of blessing (money and donation) because he never forget to be nice to generous folks who treat him well -  give 100% free entrance to Kumantong 4D Power Special for life.

Be generous to friends and people around You. Never forget where the source of luck and wealth come from. There is a Chinese saying " When drink water, remember where the source come from" (饮水思源)。

When You can do this, spiritual beings will always give You their blessings and You will strike Lottery non-stop.

Have You come across anyone,  who is well-to-do but never ever buy drinks and food to share with friends and colleagues?  If You smoke, have You come across the type who never offer but always take , take and take free Cigarettes? What am I trying to say here?

If You are a person with genuine generous heart, ghosts and gods will always bless You. If You are a stingy fellow, gods will ignore You and ghosts will love to disturb You.

When strike 4D, must always remember "where the source come from". After receiving offering money, Food Offering is immediately done to Kumantongs, so as to continue receiving blessings from Kumantongs again and again.