Conversation With A Typical Cheapskate

Dialogue with Richard Montano - United States, California, La Puente

Richard Montano: I would like to get the Kumantong Amulet.

Kumantong 4D Master: The Kumantong Amulet is USD$XXX

Richard Montano: Why so much? Isnt it to help people? Can I get ir first and when it helps me with money I use it to pay?

Kumantong 4D Master: Sorry No.

Richard Montano: Do you not have faith that it'll help me earn money and keep me safe? So that I can repay you?... I'm just curious.

Kumantong 4D Master: If You are not interested in the price I offer or can't afford to pay, You may look for other Spiritual Masters.

Richard Montano: No I'm interested in the kumantong but how do I know it is not a fake one, if it does work then I'll pay but if you dont have the faith it works then why buy?

Kumantong 4D Master: In this case, You may look for other Amulet shops or Spiritual masters that You can thrust.

Richard Montano: So I guess you dont have much faith in yours, sorry to have wasted your time.

The Problem - Asking for Amulet or Talisman for FREE and pay only when they strike Lottery or if they indeed receive Financial Windfall.

This is the same like saying to the owner of a noodle store:" I want a bowl of noodle and I will pay You money only if the noodle taste good to my liking". He will simply throw a bowl of noodle onto Your face.

1) Yeah right... You think Cheapskate people will ever report that they indeed Strike The Lottery or they indeed have a Financial Windfall, when it does happen? The thoughts of needing to send Token Of Appreciation or Ang Bao / Duit Kopi is killing them. They rather act blur and report that the Amulet / Talisman is fake (even when it is real) so they can keep it for FREE and still enjoy the Goodness from what the Amulet/Talisman can bring to them.

2) When facing a Cheapskate, no gods, no deities,no ghosts, no spirits will want to help them in anyway, be it just striking the Lottery. Even when the Amulet or Talisman is Real, the deities and ghosts will never help Cheapskates.

3) Is it due to a personal character problem for being a cheapskate or is it that the majority of Westerners don't know the meaning of "Give 1st and take later?" - It is like going to a Temple without bringing along the offerings to pray to the gods and then demand gods for help or go to graveyard without bringing joss papers / hell bank notes and offerings and demand the ghosts for help.

"Give 1st and take later" - Means when You need help , You give 1st and take later , not demand to be given 1st.

Important Reminder to Cheapskates:
You need help from the Deities and Ghosts and they don't need You. So, if You don't at least do offerings 1st and burn incense sticks / incense cones and at least buy Joss Papers / Hell Bank Notes to burn to them , do You think they are happy to answer Your Prayer?

If You can't even spend money to prove Your faith/ trust to receive the Kumantong or Talisman , do You think the child ghosts and deities will ever help You? Think Hard.

Last Warning to Cheapskates:
If You can't be generous to humans/ghosts/gods before You gain anything, You will never receive help from them.