Going to Casino... Anything I should do with the White Talisman or just put in wallet?

Do a prayer with hands place with 2 palms together and the White Talisman (Chinese Gods Of Wealth) in between. Light up incense cone or joss stick face the sky or face your home altar.

Keep the White Talisman inside your wallet or pouch when gambling.
When You make some winning , have enough and leave. Often time the folks lose all or lose even more because they don't want to stop.

Reference: http://talisman-4-u.blogspot.com

Below is the specific talisman used for gambling and Winning in Casino. It is for hard-core gamblers only. Casual gamblers will not be interested to pay the high fee to have this talisman created and empowered.

The Ultimate Gambler 3 In 1 Talisman

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