Questions about Pendulum Technique to Predict Lottery

"First of all, I examined your web site carefully.

I bought clear crystal quartz to make pendulum but dowsing results was zero of 6 numbers for lottery.

My first question is what material do you use for pendulum? I have lived in TURKEY, in Turkey small amount of people believes parapsychology or dowsing. For this reason I can't find pendulum, so I make my pendulum myself. Can you make and send algorithm of dowsing lottery in details? I need steps of dowsing. What types of questions do you use? what do you do in preparation step?

Recently, I have decided that I make my own pendulum by wood. Perhaps it will work better than quartz gemstone.

According to my studies, so far, I have predict only 2 of 6 numbers in Lottery by using instead of quartz pendulum. Where do I make mistake?

I want to already thank you for your help...

All my best wishes
From: Turkey "

Whether you buy or make your own is the same. Pendulum can be made from anything that is a tread on top and a heavy weight below. Best is to use something personal, perhaps your hair with a ring or any pointing metal or a button?

As for what questions to ask, depends on what you are asking. You can speak softly to yourself or to any deities of yours and speak like how you speak to anybody or friends.

For the paper chart to use with your questions, it is all about improvisation. Make the chart easy for you to get answers from it.

The more relax and simply just have faith and trust on the answers and letting go of the outcome you get from the dowsing.. the better the outcome.

While Seeking 4D numbers using Pendulum.. This sentence is said " I want to know the 4D Numbers for tomorrow... Line Line start swinging for me.."

When the pendulum starts swinging.. keep my heart neutral and forget whether I may strike or not. Just take it that if it is your time to win lottery you will win. From this mindset, you let your subconscious mind or your deity to do their job at their own will.

You will feel peaceful this way, which in return get a much much correct prediction.

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