My Kumantong never help me strike 4D before! Why?

If You have already been keeping a Kumantong and never strike Lottery even once before and still wonder why.. Here is the reason ..

Because Your Kumantong is not trained!

Don't bother to ask the seller or the shop You bought it from because they know nuts about HOW TO TRAIN A KUMANTONG TO STRIKE 4D. All of them will tell You that You can never ask Kumantongs for 4D numbers and the only thing the Kumantong can do is help You Improve Your Luck. The only answer I can tell You.. They know nothing about How To Seek 4D from Kumantong, or How To Train The Kumantong to give You High Potential Winning 4D Numbers.

Don't bother to ask the Monk or Ar-Jhan who create Your Kumantong because their duty is to invite the Spirits of the Ghost Kids into the Figurine/Statue to have a place to stay and continue with ritual and chanting to transform them into Kumantongs, so that folks like You can pray and worship them at home, and that's it. Monks and Ar-Jhans have no interest to train the Kumantongs for You to Win The Lottery, because Winning the Lottery is none of their business.

For example: The dog breeder's duty is to breed dogs and sell. The Dog Trainer train dogs, so that dogs are able to do things that a dog owner expect his dog to do. The dog breeder is not interested to train the dogs or what the dogs can do. A well-trained dog is few hundred times more expensive than a un-trained one.

Monks and Ah-Jhans invite Ghosts Kids to enter the Figurines / Statues and transform them into Kumantongs to let people keep at home and hope these Kumantongs can help and bless the owners.
How the Kumantongs will help the people is none of their business. 

Shops and Sellers are only interested to sell You the Kumantongs to make profit and in order to be able to pay the bills and rent of the shop. Only You are interested to know whether the Kumantong You own or going to own can help You Win The Lottery and do other stuffs. But no one is there to teach You How To Train Your Own Kumantong to Win 4D or Train Your Kumantongs for You.

If  You are ready to Own A Well-Trained Kumantong, by now You know where to look for and to seek help. Be prepared to pay a High Price (But Still Affordable To Most People)  for a Super Power Kumantong that is well-trained. Treat it as one time investment and then followed by continuous non-stop returns forever.  

If You already own a Kumantong and Your Kumantong has never help You Win Anything, You can either PAY A FEE (Not Cheap) to have it trained or Buy another Kumantong from the trustworthy source.

Some Folks love to go around sucking up cheap Kumantongs and then when they don't produce results (Never Win 4D) will come and beg for mercy. Consultation Fee will be charged to answer Your questions regarding Your Kumantongs. 

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