Why as a Taoist Sorcerer, You keep Kumantongs?

In Taoist Sorcery, there are many types of Ghost Keeping Methods.

2 Examples of Taoist Ghost Keeping Methods:
The Ghost Kids of Taoist / Chinese Sorcery is known as Gui-Kia (鬼仔).

The 2 popular types of Gui-Kia (鬼仔) that are created by a Taoist Sorcerer is often created in the form of
1) Wooden figurine, placed inside a Miniature Coffin
2) Finger bone of a dead child, placed inside a Miniature Coffin

When a Taoist Sorcerer wants or needs a Ghost Kid as a spirit servant (spirit helper), he will has to spend many hours or days to carve and prepare a wooden block into a shape of a child. For convenience sake, some Taoist Sorcerers use plastic dolls as substitute.

After a child figurine is ready to house the child spirit, Taoist Sorcerer proceeds to the graveyard, do a ritual to collect the soul of a dead child and bring back to his Taoist Sorcery Altar to continue with spiritual cleansing, taming and "listening to master" rituals, which take between 49 days to 108 days to completely transform a wild wandering ghost kid into a Taoist Gui-Kia.

After spending many weeks of transforming a wild wandering ghost kid, into an obedient Gui-Kia (鬼仔) to listen to command, the Taoist Sorcerer will then continue to spend many more weeks and months to train the Gui-Kia (鬼仔) to perform more advanced tasks, such as checking out people, disturb enemies or Provide Winning Lottery (4D / Pick 4) Numbers etc.

Videos of creating Mao Shan Gui-Kia (茅山鬼仔) - Ghost Of Lightning Strike (雷击鬼)

In Taoist Sorcery, there is no mass creating / producing of Gui-Kia (鬼仔)

In Taoist Sorcery, there is no mass creating / producing of Gui-Kia (鬼仔) for the public to keep. You cannot simple go to a Chinese Temple or Chinese Prayer Shop to buy a "Ghost Kid" off the shelf.

In big land countries like Malaysia, Taiwan, Indonesia, most Chinese Sorcerers are able to create the authentic Chinese Gui-Kia (鬼仔). These Chinese Sorcerers have close network with the graveyard helpers. Anytime when there is a child who died in a way that is suitable to create powerful Gui-Kia (鬼仔), the graveyard helper will inform the Taoist Sorcerer to come and perform ritual to collect the soul of the dead child.

In the early days (before 60s) of Singapore, there are many cemeteries. Dead bodies were put in coffins and buried in graveyards. Those day, the Taoist Sorcerers in Singapore were able to create the authentic Taoist Ghost Kid - Gui-Kia (鬼仔).

However, right now ( 90s onwards), there is no more burial grounds for dead bodies. All dead bodies in Singapore are burnt into ashes and placed inside the urns and stuffed inside a Temple. There is no way for a Taoist Sorcerer in Singapore to collect the soul of a dead child in a graveyard, because all the graveyards are gone. The Taoist Sorcerer also cannot simply enter a urns-keeping Temple to perform a ritual to collect the souls of the dead, or else, the temple-keeper will call the police that there is someone behaving suspiciously inside the temple. The worst case is to enter Malay Cemetery to collect the soul of a Dead Malay Child, because only Malays are the only race in Singapore that provide burial method for dead bodies.. but it is never a good idea to do that because this is Chinese Sorcery and is not a right thing to interfere other race, religion, culture or enter their premises .

If there are no Gui-Kia (鬼仔), there are Kumantongs!

Thai Monks and Spiritual Masters (Arjhans) in Thailand are doing a good job in mass creating Kumantongs. They attract and welcome the wandering child spirits from the wild and nature to enter the Figurines and Statues and go through spiritual cleansing rituals to transform them into Kumantongs.

Video of Thai Masters (Arjhans) mass inviting Child Ghosts to become Kumantongs

Basically, anyone can pay money to own (or rent) Kumantongs from the Thai Temples or Thai Amulets Shops. The difference is that a layman doesn't know whether a Kumantong statue he bought is genuine or fake, whereas a Taoist Sorcerer or any spiritual master is able to sense and pick a genuine, powerful Kumantong for himself.

By choosing and receiving powerful, genuine Kumantongs directly from his own personal network of low profile but spiritually powerful Thai Monks / Masters, a Taoist Sorcerer can focus his time and energy on training his Kumantongs to perform amazing tasks, such as checking out people who are far away, transforming salted dried fishes / tortoises into living ones temporarily, turn sands into bees to stink people etc, and most important of all, providing Highly Accurate Winning Lottery Numbers.

Whether the person is a Taoist Sorcerer , a Malay Bomoh , an Indonesian Pawang, or a Thai Monk / Master, he is able to communicate, command and control any types of ghost kids..
1) Gui-Kia - Chinese Ghost Kid
2) Toyol - Malay Ghost Kid
3) Kumantongs - Thailand Ghost Kids
4) Log-Kok - Baby Corpse
and many more...