Boosting The Magical Power Of Kumantongs and Other Thai Buddhist Amulets / Statues With Taoist Sorcery Method

"Kumantong 4D Master, Your Kumantongs so Powerful, How You Pray?"

Exposed: Occasionally and on Special Religious Days & Festivals, his Kumantongs will be re-blessed and boost up their magical power with this secret Siam-Mao Pai (暹茅派) Talisman, known as "Boosting Thai Buddhist Amulets & Statues" Talisman.

Right in the middle of the "Boosting Thai Buddhist Amulets & Statues" Talisman is the symbol called "Unalome".


Unalome is the most important Symbol found in Thai Buddhist Amulets, Statues and Yants (Tattoos). Unalome Symbol alone on a cloth, paper, or copper plate, with the proper empowering ritual for 49 days or 108 days by a monk or Ar-chan ( Master), will have a very powerful genuine Thai Buddhist Talisman / Amulet created.

Unalome  is a representation of reaching enlightenment. The path starts in the center of the spiral, and as you continue down this path you are wandering, becoming more conscious of your surroundings. When you reach the top of the symbol (the straight line), you have reached enlightenment.

"Boosting Thai Amulets & Statues" Talisman

This "Boosting Thai Amulets & Statues" Talisman combines Taoist Sorcery Spells with Unalome to invoke the magical power of the Buddhist Spiritual Realm, in order to have the ability to boost up the power , re-bless , re-activate, re-empower all kinds of Thai Buddhist Amulets & Statues, including Kumantongs etc.

This type of talisman is considered as Siam-Mao Phai Magic (暹茅派), meaning the combination of Siam Magic with Taoist Mao-Shan Magic.

The talisman is burned and circle around the Thai Buddhist Amulet / Statue , while secret magical verses are chanted.

Can only used to boost up power, re-bless, re-empowered the already empowered /  blessed Thai Buddhist Amulets / Statues

The Thai Buddhist Amulet / Statue must be genuinely empowered / blessed with spiritual energy, by a monk / ar-chan (master) beforehand, in order for this "Boosting Thai Buddhist Amulets & Statues" Talisman to work it's magic.

It cannot  be used to activate / empower the un-empowered / un-activated Thai Buddhist Amulets / Statues. Creating genuine Thai Buddhist  Amulets / Statues, is a long process with many days (usually 49 or 108 days minimum) of chanting of secret mantras by a Thai Monk or Ar-Chan.

Note: Some folks or masters, who uphold the Pure Taoist  Faith, will condemn that such Taoist Talismans are not genuine. Please take note that, this is Taoist Sorcery Path, which  welcomes and combines all  types of magical knowledge of different religious paths.

Important: "Boosting Thai Buddhist  Amulets & Statues" Talisman is not for sale, as the fee charged to have this talisman created for You might cost more than the amulet  You bought.  However, You can still ask for the fee charges to see whether You will still be interested.