Can't Feel The Presence Of My Kumantong

"I have wear my KMT for few days and I have not yet feel his presence, is this normal?"

When there is no visual signal or physical feeling of the presence of the Kumantong, it doesn't mean it is not there. If You would someday able to meet a Kumantong in trance on a Medium and You bring the Kumantong Amulet to that Kumantong-In-Trance, You will be shock that the Kumantong in the Amulet will tell the Kumantong in trance of a medium, everything good or bad that You do.

If You would like to have the type of Kumantongs that roll the ball, push the toy car, play with the offering etc, perhaps You may like to get the Kumantong Statue Version. But rarely anyone gets to see it. Once in a blue moon You get to see it.