So Many Fake 4D Masters - Then learn to Win 4D by Yourself - HOW?

There are many Fake "Spiritual 4D Masters" using Photo-Editing Software (or Photoshop) to create fake "Winning Tickets" images and posts on Facebook to lure people into thinking that they are genuine "4D Masters" who do magic ritual to give "Sure Win 4D Numbers".  Majority of these Fake "4D Masters" are from Indonesia and some are from Malaysia.

But that does not mean 'THERE IS NO SUCH THING' as WINNING 4D through Spiritual Intervention. The reason to write this article is to show to You the truth that 4D can indeed be won by spiritual means and show You the way how You can do it by yourself.

The problem is because of those black sheeps (Fake 4D Masters) ,  which cause many people to think: "All 4D Masters are fake". This will in turn, stop many people from experiencing Winning 4D / Lottery  with the help from the 'Other' Side (Gods & Ghosts). In fact, if without Spiritual Intervention, You better not bet on 4D (or any forms of lottery) at all. You will never strike because the odds are against You.

Showing off myself is to prove that it works

If  I (Kumantong 4D Master) don't show off  the real winnings  (not photoshopped) by myself and from the followers / believers of Kumantong 4D Power,  You will still be thinking :" There is no such thing  that 4D can be Predicted.. If really good, why he doesn't buy his own numbers.. If really can Strike 4D, then all don't need to work already".

I indeed seek help from my own kumantongs everytime when I want to bet on 4D. I get to Strike 4D occasionally and win more often than most people. This year (2018), one day before Chinese New Year Eve, I won SGD$9000 ($1000 cash $8000 cheque) on hitting Direct 2nd Prize by seeking help from my own Kumantongs. On April 2018, Hit Direct Starter - Win SGD$1000. Then on July 2018, Hit Ibet 2nd Prize.

You may browse through the Images of Genuine Winning 4D Tickets of Kumantong 4D Power of pass months and past years, since 2009 until now, over here >> Genuine Winning 4D Tickets of Kumantong 4D Power

How to spot  Fake 4D Masters and Real 4D Masters?

Fake 4D Masters will tell You his number is confirm "Sure Win" but actually he nevers buy himself. Their greatest skill is using photo-editing software to change the numbers (into winning numbers) on images of 4D Tickets, stolen from  the internet.

Real 4D Masters will tell You His 4D numbers are NOT SURE WIN and will still depend on the deities or ghosts. However, You  are willing pay for it because  You know this 4D Master 'walk his talk' and strike his own 4D Number occasionally (or much frequently than the rest of other people)  by applying  the same method he preaches You, to win his own 4D Numbers for himself .

Some non-fake (but not good enough) 4D Masters, who use 4D Software to study high potential winning numbers... but is too time consuming. Another problem is, the potential winning numbers are in 1 huge lists. You still end up don't know which numbers to bet on.

What can I do to Win 4D?

1st method - Some good places to seek help for 4D Numbers are Chinese Temples that have Tang-Ki (Taoist Spirit Medium) Worship. Usually during the celebration festival of a certain particular deity, the deity (in trance by a spirit medium) will predict a high potential winning number for followers to buy.  During consultation service, if You genuinely have money problem, the deity-in-charge might give You a potential winning number for You to buy and hopefully You win the number and able to clear Your debts, or short cut to achieve Your dreams.  The problem is..  Deities (in trance of spirit mediums) only provide 4D Numbers occasionally during major prayer events and during consultation services.  Further more, not all deities can provide 4D Numbers.  Only certain deities have the ability to predict 4D Winning Numbers.

Understand Chinese Gods Of Wealth >>

Chinese Deities that may give You 4D Numbers:
Dua Di Ya Peh (大二爷伯) | Ji Gong (济公) | Tua Peh Gong (大伯公) | Datong Gong (拿督公)

2nd method - You  can keep a genuine Kumantong, or keep a ghost servant (Taoist Gui-Kia), or Malay Toyol . You need to find a real spiritual master  who willingly offer You a real ghost. The price of a genuine Kumantong can be few hundreds to few thousands dollars.  Kumantongs are easily available and easy to keep.

Taoist Ghost Kids and Malay Toyols are rarely for sale and  often times, spiritual masters keep the ghosts for themselves only.  If  You are so lucky that one master is willing to offer You a real Taoist Gui-Kia (Taoist Ghost Servant) , or Malay Toyol, it can cause between USD$20,000 to USD$50,000.  Make sure You are provided with the secret knowledge from the spiritual masters to care and control Your newly received ghost servant, if not they (the ghosts) will create havoc on You.

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3rd method - You can keep a Taoist Talisman, such as Taoist 5 Ghosts Talisman or Taoist Wealth Gods Talisman or Win Lottery Talisman and seek 4D Numbers by yourself.  Any other wealth talismans from other faith or religion from a real spiritual master can work as well.

How To Order & Keep Powerful Talismans for Protection & Strike 4D >>

4th method - You may want to find a spiritual master (example: Taoist Sorcerer) to bring You to graveyard to do ritual to seek help from the ghosts of the dead. During Chinese 7th month (Chinese Hungry Ghosts Festival), there are spirit mediums (usually jump Dua-Di-Ya-Peh)  that will bring members to graveyards to do prayer and seek 4D Number from the ghosts. Some spirit masters who trance Datuk Kongs can also help in Winning 4D.

5th method - Be a Spiritual Master yourself. Learn to catch and keep Your own ghosts. Learn to draw own Talismans to invoke (call upon) gods / ghosts to do Your bidding. However, You need to search for a spiritual master who is willing to teach You and then spend 10 to 20 years learning the occult magic / sorcery.

Words of advice

If You don't know how to seek help from gods and ghosts, don't ever buy 4D - You won't strike. Without spiritual intervention and just depending on pure luck, the odds of Winning 4D  is against You.

Lastly, don't just because of having been cheated by those Fake 4D Masters, stop You forever from experiencing the truth of Winning 4D with the help of real spiritual intervention. If You can't find any real spiritual masters to help You, then do it yourself, by keeping a kumantong, or ghost, or consecrated (spiritually activated) deity statue, or talisman, or any other forms of  wealth-bringing spiritual items.

After browsing through the many proves of real winning tickets ( Click the link to view >> Genuine Winning 4D Tickets of Kumantong 4D Power) from a real person with the help of spiritual intervention, You can stop the nonsensical assumption that "4D CANNOT BE PREDICTED".  I (Kumantong 4D Master) is a living prove. If I can Strike 4D, so can You.  Start praying to gods and ghosts for 4D Numbers and start Winning 4D for Yourself.

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