Can I place Thai Gods and Taoist Gods all together on the altar?

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Hello Master (Kumantong 4D Master a.k.a Taoist Sorcery Master),

I would like to seek your advice if it is ok to place Thai Gods (Buddha, Nang Kwak, Lersi, Phra Sivali, Phra Sangkachai, Phra Opakut) and Taoist Gods (Guan Yu, Guan Yin) on the same praying altar?

What would be the recommended arrangements? Can you please advice on the placing level?

Would it be as written below?

Guan Yin
Phra Sangkachai, Phra Sivali, Phra Opakut, Guan Yu
Nang Kwak, Lersi

----------------- J Tan, Singapore

1st of all, we need to know what is the purpose of the altar or altars and who is praying to /  or using the altar / altars. Is the person and ordinary folk wanting to do normal prayer? Or a spiritual master using it for ritual / sorcery?

For example, if a Taoist Master / Sorcerer or someone with spiritual knowledge and is using the altar/ altars for ritual / sorcery:

In this case, 2 types of altars will be set up.

One altar will be using Taoist Ritual / Prayer and this altar will put Guan Yu and Guan Yin  image /statue . The ritual usually will be using Chinese Language such as Mandarin or Dialect - Hokkien / Teochew / or the dialect group of the Taoist / Chinese Spiritual Master. But Chinese Deities Statues shall be placed in odd numbers, therefore will bring in another Chinese Deity Statue onto the altar.

Another Altar will be based on Theravada Buddhism or Thai / Cambodian Style Occult Practice:

The highest level of the altar will place the Buddha. 2nd level will be Phra Sangkachai, Phra Sivali, Phra Opakut, who were Arhats. 3rd level (lowest) will be Nang Kwak and Lersi.

Lersi can be placed in a corner or altar by itself, as usually Lersi is for occult magic / sorcery work. On this altar (Thai / Cambodian Style Buddhism / Occult Style), the spiritual master can focus on the rituals base on Thai / Cambodian Style.

For a layman, or someone who just want to pray to all deities / spirts all at once:

Buddha Image / Statue should be placed at the highest level. On the 2nd level, will be on one side place with all Thai Style "Buddhism" Images / Statues.. and then on the other side, will place all Taoist / Chinese deities.

If You just want to pray to all deities and spirits all at once, the layman "altar" is the way to go. You can simply light up incense sticks / aroma cones to pray and whisper to all of them about Your hopes and dreams.  They will feel You from Your heart, so any language You use for prayer, they will still understand You.

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