How Foreign Talents can quickly Strike The Lottery and go home..

I (Kumantong 4D Master / Taoist Sorcery Master) notice many foreign workers in Singapore hope to Strike 4D / Toto 'big big' immediately and then can quickly 'sack their boss', pack up and return back to their home country.

The reason why this article is written is because certain groups (races) of Foreign Workers like to ask or beg for 4D Numbers for FREE, and I'm not operating a welfare to give FREE 4D Numbers. Infact, the fee I charge for my services (rituals / prayers / talismans / kumantongs etc) is very expensive and not many of them are interested to pay or able to afford it. Therefore, this articles will give them several ideas on how to Strike 4D / Toto by themselves..

1st of all, showing off the Winnings online such as Facebooks and on Websites (Blogs) is to show awareness that Lottery indeed can be won by taking me and my clients / customers as examples, provided You seek help from gods and ghosts.

From here, You will know there is a way to Strike 4D / Lottery (because other people can),  just that You don't know how.

This article is also suitable for the non-Chinese Singaporeans and those English-Educated Chinese Singaporeans, who have no clues about applying Taoist Sorcery Magic in Winning 4D / Toto but interested to know.

Folks from other countries can also apply the same methods to Win The Lottery (Pick 3 / Pick 4 / Lotto / Bingo etc) in their own countries, by using the same Spiritual Methods listed below.

How You know? 

You just have to check out the people who comment on the 4D Results and Prediction Pages / Groups on Facebook. Almost all of the comments come from Foreign Workers. The problem is almost all of them are not Chinese, and are not into the Chinese Folk Religion who can pray to gods and ghosts for 4D / Toto Numbers.

Special Case: Nowadays, PRC Foreign Workers ( China Chinese who are not the same groups of Singapore Chinese - Teochew /Hokkien / Cantonese/ Hakka / Hainanese)  working in Singapore, are mostly from the Northern Part and North-Eastern Part of China , who do not share the same type of religious practice of Southern Coastal Chinese (Chinese Singaporeans) and many of them have lost touch of the sorcery practice of Folk Taoism due to Cultural Revolution in China. Therefore, they have no idea / knowledge in Taoist Sorcery / Magical Art , nor believe in it.

Pray Like The Chinese - With Joss Sticks & Joss Papers

If without doing rituals or prayers to seek 4D numbers from gods (certain Chinese Gods) and ghosts, there is almost 99% chance that You won't strike. Another problem is there are certain religions (Example: Islam , Christianity etc) of the foreign workers don't allow them to buy Lottery, therefore will not get blessings to Strike the Lottery by their own god or gods. One irony is... there is this one particular religion (Example: Hinduism) of the foreign workers, that have wide variety of wealth deities in their religion, which can be prayed or do ritual to seek Lottery / 4D Numbers, but seems like none of them know the way, orelse none of them want to be here (to work in Singapore). I wonder why their spiritual masters in their own country never teach them the spiritual skill (to strike the lottery).

Take Note: Please refrain Yourself from asking Free 4D Prediction. When I strike 4D, I will automatically show off my own winning tickets and clients' winning tickets. I charge my clients a very high fee for doing ritual to seek 4D / Toto Numbers from my ghosts or talismans. You either not interested to pay or can't afford the fee.

- Irony: Highly Paid Foreign Talents, who have no money problem, are not interested in Winning The Lottery, therefore do not believe in Sorcery Magic, nor praying to gods and ghosts for luck. These well-to-do folks who can afford the fee charges for Kumantong 4D Prediction or ordering any of the Kumantongs / Talismans, have no interest to do so...  Unless 1 day they are 'in deep shit'.

- The lowly paid foreign workers, who are desperately in need to Strike The Lottery to get out of their miserable financial situation quicker, who will immediately beg gods or ghosts for mercy, but either don't know the way, nor able to afford the fee for a spiritual master to do ritual to seek help from gods and ghosts on their behalf. (Below will explain what You can do).

- If You are interested in Kumantong 4D Prediction, kindly email me and ask how much is the fee for doing prayer to seek 4D / Toto from  my Kumantongs - Kumantong 4D Power. Alternatively, You may keep a Kumantong (Kumantong 4 U) or Taoist Talisman (Talisman 4 U) to seek own 4D / Toto Numbers.

How & What to do (To pray to gods and ghosts)?

There are several choices:

1) What You can do is go to a Chinese Temple (for spirit medium consultation). Consultation Service by deities (while in trance of Spirit Mediums) in Chinese Temples are free and You can do donation in any amount in the donation box. Read More: Taoist Spirit Mediums

Very important:  When You seek help from deities during consultation about financial issue, please do not simply just ask for 4D / Toto Numbers.. You will get serious scolding. Just tell the deity about Your financial issue and leave it to the deity to give his / her advice. If 4D Number may help, he will privately give You the secret numbers just for You. However, You may take note of the publicly given 4D Numbers on the altar, if there is any.

2) If there is any temporary make-shift Chinese Temples, with spirit mediums having festivals or consultation, You can walk in and pray. Take note of the 4D Numbers shown on the altar, given by the Deities (trance by the Spirit mediums).

3) During Chinese Lunar 7th Month - The Hungry Ghosts Festival:

- You can join in with the folk taoists to buy Ghosts offering packages to burn and ask 4D numbers. Very high chance to Strike 4D. Remember to bring along your ”Shake Cup” of numbers. If you don't know how to do, ask the aunties and uncles who are praying.

- If there is any Folk Taoist Groups with spirit mediums, going to do prayer in the cemeteries, You may join them. 4D Numbers given by ghosts also have high chance of winning.

- Foreign Workers working at construction sites, can join their Chinese Bosses to pray to the ghosts during the prayer offerings to ghosts. Take note of the 4D Numbers, if there is any. High chance to strike.

What if my religion don't allow me to buy 4D / Toto?

If You can't buy 4D / Toto, don't buy. Just keep Your money.

If You don't ask gods or ghosts for help, don't buy 4D, 99% You won't Strike. At least gods and ghosts give You 70% chance of winning. If really Strike, very often is Direct TOP 3 Prize.

Chinese Deities and the wandering ghosts will bless You, regardless of race and religion. Only You, or Your own particular religion , hinder You from the blessings.

Interesting Observation: If You ever been to main branch of SG POOLS to collect money (more than SGD$5000 per winning ticket), You will notice the Aunties / Uncles who go there to collect their winnings are those folks who always go to Chinese Temples to pray (or ask numbers from gods or ghosts).. How I know? - They simply have that kind of "Faces" (The kind of typical look of neighbourhood Chinese Aunties and Uncles and Chinese-Educated or Uneducated Chinese Bosses.

Seek help from Kumantong 4D Master (a.k.a Taoist Sorcery Master)

Lastly, if You are interested in Kumantong 4D Prediction, kindly email me and ask how much is the fee for doing prayer to seek 4D / Toto from  my Kumantongs - Kumantong 4D Power.

Alternatively, You may keep a Kumantong (Kumantong 4 U) or Taoist Talisman (Talisman 4 u) to seek own 4D / Toto Numbers by Your ownselves, then You don't need to go around begging for FREE 4D Prediction. Email me to discuss what is suitable for You and the fee charges.

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