Cannot show people the Talismans and Kumantongs ?

"My (parents /wife/husband/family members) (don't allow / will freak out) when he/she/they see me keeping the Talismans / Kumantongs. I am a Christian /Catholic/ Muslim. How to ask (4D/Pick4/Pick3/Lotto/Toto) like this?"

When You want to ask 4D, it is good to create a small corner in your room. You can keep the shaking cup and incense tray away when not asking 4D. So no 1 can see. When the time You want to ask (4D/Pick4/Pick3/Lotto/Toto), just take out a cloth ( white color or yellow or whatever design You like) and put on the table as a make-shift altar.

Take out the incense tray and put on the make-shift altar and burn your favorite incense cone or stick , that produce nice smelling aroma. This will alert Your Kumantong or Gods of Wealth from the White Talisman to come over to help You predict the upcoming Lottery Numbers.

Now, You can Shake A Cup of Numbers or use the Pendulum Method to get Your Lottery Numbers. After everything is done, pack up the cloth and prayer materials and stuff it back to Your drawer again.