The Best Way To Strike The Lottery Is To Seek Help From Gods & Ghosts

To Strike / Win the Lottery (4D , Pick 4, Pick 3, Toto , Lotto, Bingo , Mega Millions etc), the best way is to seek help from gods & ghosts. There is no sure / confirm strike. However, if You never strike, usually is miss by only 1 digit, 90% accurate, often on TOP 3 Prizes.

Gods and ghosts will test Your faith. All You need to do is to keep on praying and keep on seeking numbers from them, very soon You will strike big time. Once You strike for the very 1st time, You will start to strike the lottery non-stop.

If You (Chinese) know how to use Chinese Metaphysics or Chinese / Taoist Sorcery to seek lottery numbers / predictions that will be beneficial. Most importantly, the lottery prediction method must be fast and accurate.

For example, seeking numbers from ghosts or ghosts..
Do a ritual prayer, chant magical verses, few minutes later,  numbers are ready and 90% accurate.

Either You miss by just 1 digit, or You Strike TOP 3 Prize. Yes, it is that easy.



如果你会用中华玄学方式测万字那也很好, 最重要是快和准。

比如, 跟鬼神讨号码,拜拜。。作法。。念咒。。 几分中就搞定。 给的号码90%准。不是差一个号码,不然就是中头二三奖。就是那么简单。