They said Kumanthong cannot give accurate 4D number??

" Why i ask many THAI AMULETS COLLECTORS AND SELLERS , they said Kumanthong can only improve your business and the most is to give u some 4D luck only but cannot give u an accurate 4D number and no Kumanthong can do that as u mentioned. If so everyone does not have financial problem ,no poor people and everyone don't have to work lah, they said to me 'Sorry No Offense..'

And many Malaysian youths will laught at me , if you believe in the supernatural world and believe in Supernatural help they will said i am superstitious ."

Most Thai Amulets Collectors only know how to buy and buy and buy more Amulets to keep and then act like know-it-all. As for the Amulets Sellers, their jobs are to sell amulets to earn a living and not well-trained in any spiritual knowledge.

When You listen to idiots and believe the idiots, You will become an idiot.

Folks who are staunched believers of Spiritual Power and tapped into the Power Of Kumantongs, be it follow Kumantong 4D Prediction or  Keep A Kumantong for themselves, and follow the exact method being taught to seek their own 4D Numbers, have received tremendous returns..
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It is up to them to believe whether Kumantongs and other Spiritual Power can help them strike 4D and bring wealth into their life. 

No point wasting time arguing with folks who don't believe in Gods, Ghosts and Spiritual Entities who can help to achieve our personal life goals.

Someday these folks will face financial problems and desperately need the support from Gods, Ghosts and Spiritual Entities and begging for help...  by then, it is often too late.

Prove of Kumantong 4D Winning Numbers

"Yes what u said in your webpage are correct

Nowadays, the youngsters, whether in Singapore or Malaysia, a lot of them like this. They like to laugh at those people who believe in spiritual entities and they don't believe in the power of Taoist Talismans which can help in money, love and protect them , they will insult Youu as being a superstitious person. I also got very angry and feel ashamed.

Nowadays, not many young people believe in Taoist Magic. They don't even believe in the power of Yellow Talisman and don't want to learn Taoist Magic."