Why My Kumantong Hasn't Let Me Strike 4D Lottery?!

The story below is a typical scenario of a newbie, who is anxious to be a Spiritual Lottery Expert in no time, just after owning a Kumantong / Spiritual Item.

You just bought / received a Kumantong, or any Spiritual Items that will help You Strike 4D / Lottery.

You are so happy that by now, You can be the next Spiritual 4D Expert. You shake the cup of numbers to get Your set of Potential Winning Numbers. You joyfully pump Your money at the 4D Betting Counter and already mentally prepared to collect Your Winnings later.

At night, the results come out. Nothing come close to the potential winning numbers. Just by the 1st try, You start to question whether the Kumantong / Spiritual Item is a fake, or has no spiritual power in it. You try again on the 2nd time, 3rd time... Still never Strike anything! You get so fuming mad..

2 idioms best describe people who are impatient for success:

English Idiom About A Person Being Impatient
A watched pot never boils: Some things work out in their own time - Being impatient and constantly checking will just make things seem longer.

Chinese Idiom About A Person Being Impatient
拔苗助長 (Bá Miáo Zhù Zhǎng): Pulling Up Seedlings to Help Them Grow - Someone who is impatient for success and destroys the very conditions upon which success depends. It also means someone who hastens the pace hoping for quick results.

What You need to Know

The Kumantong is testing Your faith. If You have the slightest doubt about it's magical power, Kumantong will not help You in Winning The Lottery.

Once, You already make up Your mind to own a Kumantong, You must give Your 100% trust and faith in it no matter how long it takes to show positive results, then Kumantong will start to help You Strike The Lottery.

Many a time, it is not that the Kumantong is fake. It is You having the slightest doubt about it's magical power, that has offended the Kumantong, that caused it to lose interest in helping You to achieve Your dreams.

What You must do is to keep on praying until You reach the state that You have achieve total peace within Your soul, without the need  of demanding any outcome.  Only until You can achieve this state of not forcing any outcome, then  it will be the time You start to see positive results ( Example: Strike 4D Lottery). Once the talisman starts to work (Example: Strike The Lottery), it will keep on working forever (Example: Keep On Striking The Lottery Non-Stop) .

Wrong Thinking: Why is it not working! How come no power?!

Correct Thinking: 
I will continue to Pray no matter how long it takes, until Kumantong starts to help me Strike 4D Lottery

Remember this: You need Kumantong for help but Kumantong doesn't need You. Kumantong will be questioning You :"I have the power to help You, but why should I help You?".  All You need is Your unwavering faith.


Praying on a  Kumantong / Spiritual Item is like constantly watering a Seed, and patiently let it grows into a tree that starts to bear fruits. Once, the tree start to bear fruits, You will have non-stop supply of Fruits, which means You will keep on Winning The lottery. Many people give up the seedling process from the beginning because the seed doesn't turn into a tree immediately from the 1st watering process.

You need to be patient and keep on praying to the Kumantong and seek help for Potential 4D Numbers (Using Shake Cup Method or Pendulum Method). Once, Your Kumantong decided to give the "green light" and help You strike the lottery for the very 1st time, this time onwards, You will get to Strike The Lottery on and on forever in the future.

***If You don't have the patience to pray until Your Kumantong takes effect to let You Strike 4D, You may want to join Kumantong 4D Power.

You can pray in this manner: "No matter how it turns out, I leave it to You. I won't force the outcome. I will leave it to You to plan for the outcome for me, at your timing. When You want me to Strike, I will Strike. I won't force You to let me Strike".

When You pay the fee to own  a Kumantong, You ARE NOT paying for the guarantee that You will strike 4D Lottery.

Once You own and keep a Kumantong, the magical power of it lies between You and the Kumantong.

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