Kumantong? Log-Kok? Gui-Kia? What To Keep?

"Are there spirits other than a Kumantong that you offer that are more strong?

In your website, I see that they are used to predict lottery numbers. But other than that, can they help in general life: career, business dealings, wealth, protection, etc. Are they useful for revenge against enemies (i.e., when justified).

Are Chinese Ghost Kids dangerous to the owner? I do meditation daily. What other skills are needed to handle a Chinese Ghost Kid?

What else do you offer that are powerful for career, wealth, business dealings, protection, revenge (when justified) etc.

What about Log-Kok? Aren't they safer than Gui-Kia but more powerful than Kumantong?"

Predicting Lottery Numbers is just one of the skills that Kumantongs can do for You. Kumantongs can do wonders. Predicting Lottery Numbers is one of the skills, that most owners wished their Kumantongs can achieve but don't dare to admit, and many Kumantongs can't do that just because they are not trained.

A Kumantong is also Your spiritual body guard, who is always by Your side 24hrs to protection You from danger, evil spirits, black magic.

Kumantongs will help You in Your career, business, sales and attract all types of wealth coming to You. To seek revenge, You inform the Kumantong what Your enemy he /she has done to You and let the Kumantong works on the issue for You. Usually, Kumantongs do good and no evil. Kumantong will protect You from evil, instead of seeking revenge.

For spirits more powerful than Kumantong , will be Chinese Ghost Kids, also known as Maoshan Gui-Kia (茅山鬼仔) ,which You need to have certain level of Taoist Sorcery Skills to command and control the Gui-Kia.

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How To Own A Gui-Kia (鬼仔)?

In Taoist Sorcery, there is no mass creating / producing of Gui-Kia (鬼仔) for the public to keep. You cannot simple go to a Chinese Temple or Chinese Prayer Shop to buy a "Ghost Kid" off the shelf. Taoist Sorcery Masters create Gui-Kia as their personal servant and not for sale.

If You want to own a Chinese Gui-Kia, You might need to spend some years learning Taoist Sorcery Skills from a Taoist Sorcery Master. After that, You have to be on your own to capture  a suitable ghost kid and do a ritual between 49 to 108 days, to transform it to become Your own spirit servant.

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How To Own A Log-Kok ?

A real Log-Kok is a ghost of dried baby fetus.  Real Log-Kok need to be created with a baby fetus that is dug out from the dead mother's stomach (sliced open with a knife) and not came out from the Virgina. Some Kumantong Figurines are created with cray or copper,  molded into the shape of Log-Kok, but actually is a Kumantong.

Real Log- Kok is hard to come by, as You need to wait for a unborn child, to die in a suitable manner, to have a chance for a Log-Kok to be created. Real Log-Kok is very powerful, and untamed.

After a Log-Kok is created, it is not easy to be acquired either. The reason is that it is illegal to export Dead Fetus out of Thailand, and also illegal to keep a dead fetus in most countries. If You finally found a way to own a Log-Kok, it will be in the price range of USD$20,000 to USD$50,000.

Video of a Taiwanese Guy being caught for smuggling Real Log-Koks out of Thailand

Not only this, You need a certain level of Sorcery Skill to command and control a Log-Kok. You might need to spend some years in Thailand, or Cambodia with a Ah-Jhan / Sorcery Master who might agree to teach You the Magical Skills of  commanding and controlling a Log-Kok.

The Malay / Indon Version of Log-Kok is known as Anak Kerak , or Anak Krok.

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Anyone can own a very powerful Kumantong...

Thai Monks and Spiritual Masters (Ar-Jhans) in Thailand are doing a good job in mass creating Kumantongs. They attract and welcome the wandering child spirits from the wild and nature to enter the Figurines and Statues and go through spiritual cleansing rituals to transform them into Kumantongs.

Kumantongs are ghost kids that have taken the Buddhist precepts, therefore they are holy, kind and do no evil. Anyone can keep a Kumantong with no fear of retaliation from it.

You can own a very Powerful Kumantong, which is well trained in the tasks that You want him to do, such as predicting 4D Numbers / Lotto etc. Some Kumantongs from some shops and sellers are real but they are not trained in anything.

Kumantongs that are kept by most people, are only sitting on the altar and do nothing. If You just want to Pray For Fun, then it doesn't better. BUT.. If You want a genuine, extremely powerful, Kumantong to change Your miserable life, You'd better get Your Kumantong from a trusted source,such as Kumantong 4D Master.

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To seek revenge on Your enemies...

If You want to seek revenge on Your enemies,  the best choice is  to seek help from a Taoist Sorcerer to do revenge ritual and cast spell for You. Or You engage a service from a Malay Bomoh, or Thai Black Magic Master as well.

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