Beware Of Fake 4D Masters

Over at Facebook Website, You get to see some Facebook Pages & Facebook Groups promoting their 4D Prediction Services.

You will notice some “4D Masters” (usually from Malaysia) proclaim that they have 100% sure strike 4D Numbers and Confirm Hit Direct TOP 3 Prizes. You just need to pay few hundreds to few thousand dollars to receive their "100% Sure Strike" 4D Numbers.

When the result come out at night, the 4D numbers sold to You by these "4D Masters" never come out. You  Whatsapp / SMS / Call the "4D Masters" for an answer, their phone numbers are blocked. You then realised You've got cheated.

Over at  those 4D Pages and in the 4D Groups, You noticed they show off  many of their  Direct 1st Prize "Winning Tickets" bet in hundred over dollars. Actually those are Fake "Winning" Tickets,  edited with image editing software or photoshopped.

Kumantong 4D Master doesn't understand how come there are people who  can get conned / cheated by those Bullshit 4D Masters.

Words Of Wisdom: When a "4D Master" tells You it is 100% Confirm Sure Strike 4D Prediction and need to pay few hundred dollars for it, then it is 100% bullshit.

Even Kumantong 4D Master, who is considered the man who provides the Best 4D Prediction among the Real 4D Masters, still dare not claim that it is 100% confirm strike.