How To Strike Direct 1st Prize even when Kumantongs are playful


 Case Study:

Wesley, an old time friend have been striking Direct and Ibet 4D TOP 3 Prizes occasionally by following 4D Prediction, provided by Kumantong 4D Power.

2 weeks ago, he had just strike Direct Starter, tonight (28 April 2013, April) , again he strike SG POOLS 4D Direct 1st Prize, using the 4D Numbers given by Black Kumantong, which is actually meant for Magnum 4D Prediction.

"2 weeks ago (14 April 2013 , Sunday), I had already hit Direct Starter, which was a good sign and in return send $25 as coffee money to Bro Sly and his Kumantongs as offering. After that I haven't bought any 4D because I was almost "dry" before the end of month until today because the same gut feeling came to me again and told me I need to buy and just buy that particular set will do. I hit DIRECT 1ST PRIZE!."

For Full Testimonial Goes Here: Testimonial from Wesley - Hitting 1st Prize from the hint given by Kumantongs

Whenever Wesley strikes 4D, he will immediately sent his token of appreciation (also call Kopi Money) and Kumantong Offering Money. He will never forget the importance of showing gratitude towards the source of luck ( Kumantongs 4D Master and his Kumantongs) .

Kumantongs have their special method to bless selected folks to strike 4D by sending strong gut feeling. Wesley followed the feeling and indeed strike Direct 1st Prize.

"Sometime there is this very strange, unexplainable feeling. It is like telling me I ought to buy particular set of 4D numbers. I followed that feeling that comes to me and strongly believed it must be the hint given by Kumantongs."

Even when Kumantongs are playful and have collaborated among themselves to purposely give out Correct 4D numbers onto the wrong 4D companies, they will still send hints to selected few worthy followers to inform them how to crack the code they are playing. In this case, Wesley just follow exactly the strong gut feeling,which he believed must be sent from Kumantongs  to him.


1st, You must believe Gods and Ghosts are real and they can help You Strike The Lottery. Without this believe, no way they are able to help You. 

When You want to strike the Lottery by seeking help from Kumantongs (or any other spiritual beings), You should give Your trust, believe and faith wholeheartedly.

When You have a strong gut feeling about buying 4D Numbers (sought from Kumantongs) in a certain patterns or way, act on it firmly and trust that it is the hint sent by Kumantongs.

When You haven't strike 4D, do not cry and condemn that 4D Prediction is bullshit or there is no such thing as gods or ghosts. Whether You strike 4D already or not, You must always have a peaceful heart. Never get frustrated even when You haven't strike anything given by the spiritual being You sought help from.

When You have struck the Lottery, which the Numbers are given by Kumantong, or by a particular spiritual being, always remember to show Your gratitude by doing offering. This is very crucial step for continuous blessing from Kumantongs. Far too many people have a very bad attitude that after striking the Lottery, they love to self-proclaim that they strike the Lottery by themselves by their own personal luck and not from any spiritual beings.

Folks who have won the lottery from the numbers given by a Deity (in the temple or when a taoist medium in trance of a particular deity) or Kumantongs or any "holy" spiritual beings and then feel the pinch of having to do offering and not interested to do offering and never do offering, can forget about the future blessings from the same deities and kumantongs, not even from other deities and other spiritual beings forever.

Unlike deities and kumantongs, if winning the lottery from the numbers sought from a ghost or spirit in the graveyard or in the forest and then You forget ,or not interested ,  to return back to the place where the ghost /spirits reside  to do offering, You will be in DEEP SHIT. They will come and search for You to make Your life miserable.They might even want You DEAD.