I'm interested in a Kuman Tong statue, should't be too expensive, about 20 - 40 dollars

"I am interested in a Kuman Tong statue, I would like to use a small, black one ( 2 " - 5 " heigh).

It should't be too expensive, I thought about 20 - 40 dollars.
I am very interested in the lottery method, but in germany, where
I am from, there are 6 numbers out of 49 (another system) but
this will work for this too I think.

Which offers you can give to me? (Statue/ Figure can be in oil or not, isn't important)

Thank you really for your help"

For USD20 to USD40 dollars, You shall get a cute little soft toy in the gift shop.

For a powerful mini oil bottle Kumantong , it is already USD$XXX
For Powerful Kumantong Statue it is about USD$XXX and above.
Take note that Kumantongs are real child spirits.
*Folks who are interested to keep a Kumantong Statue/Amulet/Mini Oil Bottle , Send an Email to discuss.

Reference: http://kumantong4-u.blogspot.com