How Kumantong Prepares You To Strike 1st Prize

There will come a time when all the while You either strike Small Winning in 4D ( TOP 3 Prize Permutation) or miss by just 1 number on TOP 3 Prize... and then suddenly there is total miss on all of the TOP 3 Prizes,  not showing up at least 3 out of 4 numbers correct in any TOP 3 Prizes and it drag from 1 week to 1 month and beyond. You start to panic.. suspecting that the child spirit, Kumantong, has disappeared from the Statue / Mini oil Bottle / Amulet.

Continue reading to understand what is happening...

Kumantong knows when to tease You and be serious with You in Money Matter...

When You are desperate for money to settle some  urgent money issues ( Medical Bills, Bank Account going to reach Zero etc), Kumantong will not hesitate to provide You the needed amount of cash from Lottery Strike immediately, or money will appear suddenly from sources You  never ever think of  to provide You the needed amount of money to settle Your debts.



When Kumantong decides to tease You, he knows Your daily life is still in proper order and he has some important spiritual lessons for You to master before he turn You into a Rich person.

Bear it in mind that the Child Spirit will always be there in the Kumantong Statue/ Mini Oil Bottle / Amulet, even if the given 4D Numbers show no sign of at least 3 out of 4 numbers correct in any of the TOP 3 Prizes.

It is the way how Kumantong trains Your spiritually to be able to "Keep Calm" regardless whether You strike Lottery or not. He is training You not to get mad or be sad when You don't hit a Prize and suddenly change in personal character for the worse, such as becoming arrogant and cocky and use money to harm / bully people once You strike Big Big. Revenge on the people who use to bully/look down on You is OK, while at the same time repay the good deeds back to the people who have been giving You helping hands when You are down and out.

Some folks will get pissed off when the Lottery Numbers given by their own Kumantong don't hit a prize after following Kumantong 4D Method. Getting Pissed off when not striking the Lottery is the actual reason why Kumantong don't want the owner / worshipers to strike. Only when You able to "Let it Be" and keep calm regardless whether Win or Lose  will Kumantong let You Strike 4D Big Time.

With a sudden Financial Windfall, many folks  may gambled / squandered away their new wealth or  go deeper into bad debt due to financial mismanagement. Some people will  have sudden change in character for the worse after receiving tons of money. Kumantong will make sure You are mentally, emotionally prepared and Your personal character will not turn bad  when You receive huge amount of money before letting You have a Big Time Lottery Strike.

Having too much money suddenly will also cause mental stress on the people who has not much money before. Example:  All the while in Your Bank Account You only have few hundreds to only few thousand dollars to manage, but then suddenly You now have few hundred thousands or over a million in Your Bank Account. Your emotion is mixture of elation and anxiety and You have a hard time deciding whether to go on a spending spree or put into investment and then You realize You lack of the investment knowledge. Not only these, relatives who know about Your financial windfall will start asking You for money. Bank and Investment Comapanies will start coming to You pestering You to put Your money into their investment polices ( Take note that when You don't know what to do with Your money, other people will want to take away Your money and call it insurance/investment). So, before You receive Financial Windfall from striking the Lottery (4D / Toto) start reading up books on Investment and attend Investment Seminars and learn to manage Your own Investment.

If You have already strike Big Time in Lottery Winning but lack of the financial knowledge, remember to keep Your Winning a Secret and  don't do anything with the Money yet. Consider Yourself Lucky if You are able to find a close friend, who is financially literate and guide You for FREE in managing Your new found wealth  and never has the thought of trying to dig his way into your pile of Money.  Example: Ask You put the money in insurance policy / investment scheme through him ( He wants to earn commission).

Take Note: Because You will be banking in the Check of the Lottery Winning to Your Bank Account, die die the Bank will always know that You have a sudden load of money in Your account. The Bank Representative will contact You and be oh-so-nice with You to try to win You over by putting Your Money into their investment scheme / insurance policy ( and make themselves rich) , which actually You can even have many times more returns if You are financially literate and  manage Your own investment portfolio. So, even before Your strike Lottery Big Time, start getting knowledgeable in personal Finance and Money Management ,while preparing for the impending Big Time Lottery Strike.

Kumantong understand the potential problems people will face when they receive a sudden financial windfall. Kumantongs have their way to test, train and prepare You mentally and emotionally before letting You Strike Lottery Big Time again and again non-stop.

Individuals who already have lots of money (They are already good in managing money) and a good character ( They won't use money to harm, bully people or act stuck up and be arrogant), have been doing good deeds to the poor and charities, filial to parents and always generous towards friends are the type of people that will always strike Lottery Big Time non-stop from Kumantong 4D Method.  Ironically, these folks are not interested in Kumantongs and not interested in betting on Lottery because they already have lots of money.

Kumantongs are holy version of Child Ghosts , having the rank equivalent to Heavenly Angels. They have the duty  to make sure  their owners and worshipers  are mentally and emotionally prepared and kindhearted  before they receive huge financial windfall through Lottery Winning.

In order to just Strike The Lottery Big Time, without the interference of having to "Be Good Person", the only way is to seek help from Ghosts / Spirits in the Graveyards or Banana Tree Spirits or any other Spirits in the wild. The "Payback" might be burning of certain amount of Joss papers to the ghost or do a rebirth ritual for the ghost etc.. You need the service of a Spiritual Master or able to invoke Ghosts/ Spirits Yourself.  You will have to negotiate the terms  with the Ghosts/ Spirits and make sure You pay back exactly what You promised after Your  wish of Striking Lottery is answered by the Ghost/ Spirit. If not, You will be dead.

Kumantong need not negotiate terms when You seek Lottery Numbers from them. If they want You to strike, You will strike. If they don't want You to strike, You won't strike. Kumantong 4D Prediction Method is still the safest.

Summary of conditions need to be met, in order to Strike Big Lottery Prize   from Kumantong:
  1. Keep Your Emotion In Check. Win or Lose doesn't matter. Peaceful Heart and Mind.
  2. Personal Character In Check. Make sure You won't turn to a Bad Person after You strike the Big Lottery Prize.
  3. Never been a Stingy, Self-fish, Cheapskate. Make sure You have been generous towards family and friends all the while.
With these 3 conditions met, Kumantong will keep letting You strike 4D Big or Small Prize non-stop.

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 How Kumantong Prepares You to Strike 1st Prize

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