How To Boost the Spiritual Power Of Kumantongs (With Taoist Talismans)?


Very often, some Kumantong Owners would come to me and complain that their Kumantongs have never help them to Strike The Lottery (4D / TOTO) and what to do to boost up the spiritual power of their Kumantongs. Some Kumantong Owners have dump their Kumantongs aside and have not been praying to the Kumantongs or do offerings to the Kumantongs for a very long time and then ask me how to Re-Activate the Kumantongs.

This is a short article and short video clip on how I spiritually boost my Kumantongs on a yearly basis, before CNY...

Normally, few days before Chinese New Year (CNY), Folk Taoists will do Altar cleaning and also wipe and clean the deity statues. 

While I (Kumantong 4D Master a.k.a Taoist Sorcery Master)  also pray to Kumantongs, it is my duty to also clean the Kumantongs Altar and wipe them. After that, will follow up with the 'Kumantong Power Boosting RItual'. This is my yearly activity, before CNY. 

This cleaning and spiritual boosting process will make Kumantongs very happy and continue to help me and my clients to Strike 4D and Toto more often. Ritual is used with Taoist Talismans combined with Unalome, which is part of Siam-Mao Pai (暹茅派) Talismans. 

The Talismans shown on the video are mainly my personal use for Boosting Thai "Buddhist" Amulets & Statues. While circling the burning Talismans on the Kumantong Statues, a combination of both Kumantong and Taoist Sorcery Spells are chanted. (Chanting is not shown on the Video).

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