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Strike 4D Lottery Anytime Anywhere With The Power Of My Kumantongs & 'Lottery/Gambling/ Wealth' Talismans


"I'm extremely lucky to be fated to come to your websites and to engage your services. 

        You are different from other masters and mediums as in, you could regularly seek 4D from your specialized kumantongs who are able to let clients choose which 4D company they want the 4D to strike.
Others just generate a set of 4D and clients would have to bet three 4D companies so as to insure the 4D in case the 4D comes up in another company, say, if the client bet at Magnum but the 4D came up at Sports Toto, so, it's a dangerous situation: he has to bet all three companies to play safe, which is a waste of funds." - Malaysia Client J.S 

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Personal Note By Kumantong 4D Master: 

        Kumantongs and I (Kumantong 4D Master a.k.a Taoist Sorcery Master) are located in Singapore, yet my Kumantongs still able to predict 4D / Lottery of  other countries, not just Singapore 4D / Lottery.  
    Folks (who can't afford to pay the Kumantong 4D Prediction Service Fee or not interested to pay) have also Strike 4D / Lottery of their own country, by just praying to the Picture of the 3 Kumantongs  shown at my Blogs. My Kumantongs can detect those folks who pray to them earnestly online and give them blessings of many Winning Direct TOP 3 Prize Strikes (provided that they are not Free-Loaders - keen to give Kumantongs Offerings and my Ang Baos when they Strike Big Prize).

    Even if I'm in any part of the world, I just need to bring out my Kumantong (Example: Kumantong Amulet Version), or bring out my 'Lottery Prediction' Talisman or Gambling Related / Wealth Related Talisman to seek 4D / Lottery Numbers of any countries, including Singapore.  

    Not only that, if I happen to be in a particular country, a ritual can also be done to call-upon / invoked the Spirits or Ghosts at the nearby vicinity to help and give the potential Winning 4D / Lottery numbers of that country. 

Furthermore, by seeking help from my Kumantongs or 'Lottery/Gambling/Wealth' Talismans (Or You order Kumantongs or 'Lottery/Gambling/Wealth' talismans from me  and apply the same methods by Yourself), You can inform the deities or ghosts, or Kumantongs which exact 4D/Lottery Company of Which Country You want to Strike. 

Conclusion: Gods and Ghosts can help You Strike The Lottery anytime at any places, without boundaries.

For more proves and genuine examples of how folks of different countries Strike The Lottery, with the Support of my Kumantongs and Wealth / Gambling / Lottery Talismans, check out: Kumantong 4D Power Testimonials

The Detailed Explanation of the 7 Talismans in 'Win Toto (Lotto / Bingo) Super Power (7 In 1)' Talisman

(This same article is available at 'Taoist Sorcery Master' Blog)

After they have been Winning 4D big time and personally experienced the effect of the Talismans done for them,  the Taoist Sorcery / Kumantong 4D Clients and Followers have been encouraging me (Taoist Sorcery Master a.k.a Kumantong 4D Master) to come up with a very powerful talisman to focus on Striking TOTO (Lotto / Bingo / Power Ball / Mega Millions etc) Numbers. 

It took me more than 9 months to brain-storm and plan out  which deities / gods and ghosts to call upon, in order to create a super-duper spiritually powerful talisman to help us Strike Toto (Lotto / Bingo / Powerball / Mega Millions) like crazy. Now,  it has finally come into existence.  Not only it is used for Winning Toto, it is also can be used to seek 4D Numbers and improve gambling luck.

IMPORTANT: The unique combinations and usage of the Chinese Characters in the Talismans  found in 'Win Toto (Lotto / Bingo) Super Power (7 In 1)' Talisman  are planned, designed, created and spiritually empowered by me (Taoist Sorcery Master a.k.a Kumantong 4D Master), not found in anywhere else. If You find the exact copy from other "Masters", they are just copy-cats - who simply photo-copy and try to sell You the fake ones on Papers. All the talismans by me and from me, are planned, designed, created by hand-drawn, and go through proper spiritual empowering rituals with secret chants, hand-seals and Taoist Stamp Seals.

Take Note: Part 1 of the article explains the several ways of using 'Win Toto (Lotto / Bingo) Super Power (7 In 1)' Talisman. This is the Part 2 - The Detailed Explanation of the 7 Talismans in 'Win Toto (Lotto / Bingo) Super Power (7 In 1)' Talisman. 

Talisman 1 -  This is the Main Core of the Talisman. It calls upon '8-Roads' Gods Of Wealth (八路财神), in order to invite 8 Heavenly Horse Generals (马将军)  to come over for support, so as to help You pick the High Potential Toto (Lotto / Bingo / Powerball / Mega Millions etc) Winning Numbers and also 4D Winning Numbers, on every Lottery Draw days. 

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Talisman 2 - This talisman calls upon Jade Emperor, in order to inform the Local Earth God (in Your area) to come over for support, so as to shower You with "Left-Path" Wealth and Tip-Top Gambling Luck. With the invitation from higher authority, the Earth God will obediently obey to provide support. "Left-Path" Wealth means fast and huge returns, without hard-work. In Chinese Folk Religion, since ancient time, Chinese pray to Earth Gods, because they provide "Food" grown from the earth and in modern days, Chinese Bosses pray to them for wealth.

Talisman 3 - This talisman calls upon Han-Xin Gong (The God of Gambling / Gambler), in order to help invite other Gambling Gods, Gambling Immortals and Gambling Ghosts to come for support, to help You WIN ALL - regardless BIG or SMALL. In Chinese Folk Religion, especially in Taiwan,  Han-Xin Ye  (or Han-Xin Gong) is the Real God of Gambling / Gambler.  

Extra Info:  Er-Ge Feng (二哥丰) Is NOT God Of Gambler (赌神)? Pray Or Not To Pray?

Talisman 4 - This talisman is focused on Seeking & Winning 1st PRIZE in Lottery, be it 4D or TOTO. It is also a stand alone talisman, which can be used to seek 4D 1st Prize Numbers. -  Win Lottery (Strike 1st Prize) Talisman .  Over here, it is a supporting Talisman to super boost the overall effect of the whole Talisman.

Talisman 5 - Multiple Ghost Eyes from the Wandering Ghosts that happen to pass-by at Your vicinity to help You "look into the future" for the upcoming Winning Numbers, or Gambling Cards, in order to help You Win.

Talisman 6 - The Eyes from "5 Ghosts" (Of Taoist Sorcery) to help You "look into the future" for the upcoming Winning Numbers, or Gambling Cards , in order to help You Win.

Talisman 7 - This talisman is spiritual gambling secret code for the Gambling Gods to help shower You with Gambling Luck.

Take note: Talisman 5, 6 & 7 can be used individually for gambling luck, or can be combined into 3 in 1 Gambling  Talisman - Ultimate Gambler (3 in 1) Talisman . Over here, they are supporting Talismans to super boost the overall effect of the whole Talisman.

Video of Using 'Win Toto (Lotto / Bingo) Super Power (7 In 1)' Talisman 


Important Points to take note: 

The main focus of 'Win Toto (Lotto / Bingo) Super Power (7 In 1)' Talisman  is on Winning TOTO (Lotto / Bingo / Power Ball / Mega Millions etc) Numbers and also for seeking 4D Numbers and improve Gambling Luck in Casinos or other gambling purposes. 

This talisman IS NOT used for multi-purpose conventional wealth bringing purpose - Jobs, Careers, Sales and Business.You have other Wealth Bringing Talismans for such purposes, such as: 

Kumantongs are able to predict the upcoming 4D TOP 3 Prize Numbers from other Countries


"Hi Master,Good evening.Would like to inform you that the number that kumanthong gave came out 3rd prize. I won rm1500. Will collect the money on Friday only and will send some money for kumanthong on Friday. Thank you so much Master." - Malaysian Client Sujithra , 6 April 2022  

Client from Malaysia asked for a set of Kumantong 4D Prediction for Magnum 4D. She paid the fee and I (Kumantong 4D  Master) did a ritual to seek 4D numbers from 'Both Hands Raising' Kumantong. She was given 7662.

On the 3rd Try, indeed, Magnum 4D came out 2766 - 3rd Prize. She had won RM$1,512.00. She  sent SGD$100 (about RM$300) as Token Of Appreciation (Ang Bao) and Kumantong Offering.

Interesting Fact: Notice that my Kumantongs  are located in Singapore and Client is from Malaysia and she was asking for Magnum 4D Prediction, which the 4D Company is located in Malaysia and indeed, she hit 3rd Prize. This show that Kumantongs are able to predict the upcoming 4D TOP 3 Prize Numbers from other Countries.

Prayer Offerings of Chocolates and Candies were offered to Kumantongs to thank them for helping client  to Strike 4D.  Every time when Strike 4D, must remember to thank them, so in future, Ghosts and Deities will continue to bless us with continuous 4D Strikes. 

To learn how to pray and seek 4D numbers directly from ghosts and deities by yourself , check out :

Kumantong 4D Tips - Kumantong 4D Prediction is valid for 3 tries (3 draws). There is no confirm sure strike. If really Strike, usually hit TOP 3 Prize , can be Ibet or Direct Strike. The goal is hopefully Kumantongs give You Strike Direct 1st Prize on the 1st Try.. but again, there is no confirm sure strike. There is also no free try.

Video of Chocolates & Candies Offerings To Kumantongs

Why Hindus don't pray to Brahma (Phra Phrom)?

Brahma is also known as: Thai: พระพรหม  (Phra Phrom) , Sanskrit: ब्रह्मा ,  Chinese: 大梵天王 / Four-Faced "Buddha" (四面"佛", Sì Mian Fo) or Four-Faced God (四面神 Si Mian Shen) .

You can spot Brahma Shrines inside many Folk Chinese Temples in Singapore and Malaysia. It is due to the influence of Hong Kong Actors / Actresses who started the trend of praying to the Four Faced "Buddha" of Erawan Shrine , near the Grand Hyatt Erawan Hotel in Bangkok, Thailand , since 1980s.

Who is Brahma? 

Origin from Hinduism: Brahma is one of the three major gods in the Hindu faith alongside Vishnu and Shiva, and together, they make up the Trimurti. Brahma's role is as the creator of all things, and he sits alongside Vishnu, the preserver, and Shiva, the destroyer.

In Buddhist tradition: When Buddha attained enlightenment, the deity "Brahma Sahampati" appeared before Buddha and invited him to teach the knowledge that he gained. Brahma is regarded as the part of the Buddhist cosmology. He is the lord of the heavenly realm of rebirth called the Brahmaloka. In Buddhist culture, the iconography of Brahma varies along with the ideology but normally, he is represented by four faces and four arms.

Phra Phrom:  Phra Phrom (Thai: พระพรหม) is the Thai representation of the Hindu creator god Brahma. In modern Thailand, Phra Phrom is often worshipped outside of Hindu contexts by regular Buddhists, and, like many other Hindu deities, has usually come to represent guardian spirits in Thai animist beliefs, which coexist alongside Buddhist practices.

Interesting Fact: When the Chinese Folks pray to the deities , majority of them have no interest , or don't be bothered to understand who the deities they are praying to. All they have to do is to buy the joss-sticks and joss papers from the temple, pray to all the deities in the temple, and drop money inside the donation boxes beside the deity statues.

Since the Chinese Folks are keen to pray to Four Faced "Buddha", so by adding the Statue in the Chinese Temple, there will be 4 more donation boxes on each side (4 sides) of the statue, hence more "donation money" going to the temple.

While the Chinese Folks (Singaporeans / Malaysians) are praying to Four Faced "Buddha", ironially, very few Hindus pray to this deity - Brahma.  Yes!!! Majority of Hindus don't pray to Brahma!

Here are the 2 popular myths on why Hindus don't pray to Brahma (Phra Phrom):

1) Shiva Purana: When Brahma and Vishnu had an argument about who was the most powerful amongst the Trimurti. The argument went on and on until they asked Shiva to intervene. Shiva then took the form of a gigantic lingam made of flaming fire, and that went up to the heavens and also descended underneath the earth. Shiva told them that the one who can find the end of the light will be considered the most powerful among the Trimurti.

Brahma took the form of a swan and started the search for the end of light along the length of ascending lingam. On the other hand, Vishnu took the form of a Varaha (wild boar) and started the search for the end of the light along the length of descending lingam.

They kept moving fast and continuously. But their search was in vain. Both couldn’t find the end.

Vishnu realized that Shiva was the greatest of the triad and he had been outdone by Shiva. But, Brahma thought that he could outdo Shiva with trickery. He passed the ketaki flower and requested ketaki to tell Shiva that he had in fact reached the uppermost end. Ketaki told Shiva that he had seen Brahma reach the upper end of the lingam.

Shiva knew that he was lying and that made him really angry. So, he cursed Brahma that he shall never be worshipped on earth. Also, the ketaki flower was cursed that it shall never be used in any of Hindu worship rituals.

2) Matsya Purana: When Brahma created the universe, he made a female deity known as Shatarupa (the one with a hundred beautiful forms).

The goddess’s beauty was alluring and Brahma too was allured and infatuated by her beauty. He could not contain his passion and pursued her wherever she went But Shatarupa had no such desire and moved in various directions so that she could avoid his gaze. For each direction she went, Brahma developed a head, until he had four, each for the direction of the compass. Shatarupa had no other option but to leap over Brahma. Even then, Brahma developed another head on top of others. He had a total of five heads now.

Right then, Shiva appeared and cut the top head. He told Brahma that Shatarupa was, in fact, Brahma’s daughter because he created her, and Shiva told him that it was not right for him to be obsessed with her. It was deemed unholy by Shiva. So, he directed that no proper worship should be done in the name of “unholy” Brahma. Ever since Brahma has been reciting the Vedas so that he can be freed from his sins.

There is another version of the story that talks about different kinds of animals that were born. When Brahma grew his fifth head, Shatarupa then turned into a cow to avoid his lust. When Brahma found about that, he turned into a bull and found her. Then, Shatarupa turned into another female animal; Brahma again turned into a male version of that animal. That process went on and on until Shiva arrived and cut Brahma’s fifth head to end his lust.

Conclusion: While Chinese Singaporeans and Chinese Malaysians Folks are praying to Four-Faced "Buddha", the Hindus don't pray to Brahma. If You are a Chinese who pray to Four Faced "Buddha", remember not to drag Your Indian friends, who happens to be Hindu, to follow You to pray to Brahma. High chance they are not interested. 

Er-Ge Feng (二哥丰) Is NOT God Of Gambler (赌神)? Pray Or Not To Pray?

Before You read this article, make sure You have Read Up: The Real History Of Er-Ge Feng (二哥丰) / Zheng Zhi Yong (郑智勇) - He is not a Gambling God (赌神)

Who should be worshipping Er-Ge Feng?

1) 1st and foremost, Worshipping / Venerating, or Praying to Er-Ge Feng is the personal matters of Er-Ge Feng's descendents and the Teochew People of Qi-Yuan Village (淇园村) in Chao-An Area in China.

2) Secondly, the Thai Government should pay respect to Er-Ge Feng for his past constributions to Siam's Economy 

3) Outsiders, who are not direct descendants, nor beneficiaries of his past contributions and charities, can pay homage / respect to him, so as to remind yourself to be like him, to do good to society and do more charities, not praying to him (by threating him as a God / Deity) so that You can Win In The Casino or The Lottery.

Er-Ge Feng was a MAN of charity, not a GOD of gambler. His Image will not bless You with Gambling Luck. Wearing his image, or paying respect to his statue of him in the temple / shrine, is for You to remind yourself (to be like him) to do good to society and do more charities.

How History gone wrong and Er-Ge Feng (二哥丰) end up as "God Of Gambler" ?

The Central Police Station at Bangkok Chinatown (with the Er-Ge Feng (二哥丰)'s Shrine at the 4th floor) was once Senior Official Rong-Lu Mansion (荣禄大夫府) belonged to Er-Ge Feng (二哥丰), and later donated to Siam Government. The Er-Ge Feng (二哥丰)'s Shrine is so-called the “Main” Er-Ge Feng (二哥丰)  Shrine / Temple. 

There was a Teochew Guy, named Hia-Mao (茂兄)  who started the cult of Er-Ge Feng (二哥丰)  as "God Of Gambler" ..

Here Goes The Story:-

"A Teochew guy, named Hia-Mao (茂兄), during the period of his Police Detention, he often dreamed of an old man, and he always felt that the old man was following him. When his family released him on bail, he went straight to the top floor and found a dilapidated small temple.

When he walked forward and took a look, he enshrined an old photo of the old man in front of the altar. He was shocked immediately. Wasn't the person in the photo the old man in the dream? Brother Mao never worshiped God. When encountering such a situation, he had to light up three sticks of incense to worship and pray; Brother Mao Make a vow to help the society if  he cleaned up his act. In the end, Brother Mao was indeed acquitted.

Since then, he has often dreamed that the old man bestowed him with spiritual words, and he had won prizes almost every time. He also followed the instructions of the old man, and after winning the prize, he set aside part of the prize money to do good deeds. Since then, he has gradually become wealthy, everything goes smoothly, and his life is getting better. Today, he is said to have been promoted to the ranks of millionaires.

Since his living environment has improved, he has built temples everywhere. Friends, relatives and friends all responded very much. They raised money to build temples together. So far, there are six Er-Ge Feng (二哥丰) temples all over Thailand. In 2538, they also renovated and rebuilt the old Er-Ge Feng (二哥丰) Temple on the police station, spending a total of about 2 million baht for the faithful from all over the world to worship and pray.

Regarding the Er-Ge Feng (二哥丰) amulets, it was the first one made by Brother Mao to present it to the faithful who have made contributions to the establishment of Er-Ge Feng (二哥丰) Temple.

Brother Mao said: It is not easy to make Er-Ge Feng (二哥丰) Amulets. First, collect holy materials; such as hair. He collected the hair of about three hundred monks. The cassock cloth worn by the monks, plus the holy soil, incense ash, water, etc. collected throughout Thailand, China, Cambodia and other places, and then collected some famous stems and wild vines from the forest.

After processing, all the materials are ground into powder, and then they can be printed into amulets. And every time the Er-Ge Feng (二哥丰) amulet was cast, Brother Mao would personally go to China to "notify" the casting amulet and its purpose in front of Er-Ge Feng (二哥丰)s grave, and toss the rice to ask Er-Ge Feng (二哥丰) for instructions. He can only return to Thailand to cast the amulets Otherwise some unexpected weird things will happen during the casting process.

In addition, Brother Mao would take some tomb soil and infiltrate the materials to cast amulets; and the Er-Ge Feng (二哥丰) amulets after being made were transported in a small truck, and from one state to another, the monks were asked to recite the scriptures and the number of monks blessed. No less than a hundred.

Needless to say, it turns out that the reason why Er-Ge Feng (二哥丰) amulets has the title of God of Gamblers originated from a famous Cambodian gambling shop called CASINO PAIRIN (CASINO PAIRIN). Grant the "Er Ge Feng God of Gamblers" amulets to give to long-term gamblers.

Thousands of coins have been cast in total; you said it’s not surprising that even the gambling shops have sent "God of Gambling Buddha Cards" to protect gamblers! Brother Mao said: If believers are really down to the limit, they just need to be sincere. He prayed silently to Er-Ge Feng (二哥丰) amulets, and after he had promised the amount he had to win, he could bet; but after he had won the promised amount, he had to stop and leave immediately."

An Amulet or Talisman, with Er-Ge Feng (二哥丰) Image, may work it's magic, is due to the fact that the Spiritual masters who created the amulets / talismans are importing the spiritual energy of other deities or spirits / ghosts into the amulets / talismans, not because of the spirit of Er-Ge Feng (二哥丰) blessing You.

Let the Er-Ge Feng (二哥丰) Image and Statue for You to pay respect for his past contribution to Siam's Economy and charities to his Village in Chao-An Area in China, not praying to him so that You can have benefits. (For this reason, many people would lose interest to wear Er-Ge Feng (二哥丰) Image).

The reason why stories have been twisted as Er-Ge Feng (二哥丰) as "God Of Gambler", because this will help  bring in worshippers to the temples / shrines to "donate" (bring in) money to the temples. 

Spiritual Masters, and soon even more Spiritual Masters, are creating Er-Ge Feng (二哥丰) Amulets / Talismans for the same reason - to "donate" (bring in) money for the Spiritual Masters. 

Now You know, Er-Ge Feng (二哥丰) was a Man Of Charity, and now a historical figure, not a God Of Gambler (赌神). 

There are deities and ghosts that can give You gambling / lottery luck, but not Er-Ge Feng (二哥丰). If You want to Win The Lottery or Gambling, You can pray to deities and spirits / ghosts that bring gambling luck, without Image Of Er-Ge Feng (二哥丰).

By not praying to Er-Ge Feng (二哥丰) as God Of Gambler, You are also respecting Er-Ge Feng and his Descendents. 

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The Real History Of Er-Ge Feng (二哥丰) / Zheng Zhi Yong (郑智勇) - He is not a Gambling God (赌神)

This article is to educate the uneducated Amulet Lovers. The problem is the uneducated folks may not even get to read it, nor even bother to read it - The real history of Er-Ge Feng (二哥丰). 

Er-Ge Feng is also spelled wrongly as Er-Ger Fong.

This is not a marketing article to sell Er-Ge Feng (二哥丰) Amulets. This article is to share the true facts of Er-Ge Feng (二哥丰) and the charities he had done for Siam and China, base on the Chao-Zhou History Records.

 What is happening? 

The dealers of Thai "Buddhist" Amulets are marketing Er-Ge Feng (二哥丰) as "God Of Gambler / Gambling (赌神)" and Er-Ge Feng (二哥丰) Amulets as Good Luck Charms for Gambling Purpose, without bothering to share the real history of Er-Ge Feng (二哥丰). 

In order to respect a great person, we should 1st spend time to do research and truly understand his real complete history. Not simply produce or read up twisted stories of a great historical figure as a "Gambling God"  (赌神), for the sake of trading the image of it as Good Luck Charms / Amulets.

The Real History Of Er-Ge Feng (二哥丰) 

Er-Ge Feng (二哥丰) was formerly known as Zheng Yifeng (郑义丰), also known as Li-Yu (礼裕), and he self-named Hai-Tao (海涛) in his later years. Er-Ge Feng (二哥丰)  was his alias. 

His noble name in Siam is Phra Anuwat Ratchaniyom (พระอนุวัฒน์ราชนิยม).

Er-Ge Feng (二哥丰) was a benevolent person and enthusiastic about public welfare. He was a charitable person, Not a "God Of Gambler / God Of  Gambling / Gambling God" (赌神).

Er-Ge Feng (二哥丰) became Zheng Zhi Yong (郑智勇)

Because he had funded Sun Yat-sen's democratic revolution and became a sworn brother with him, Sun Yat-Sen praised him as "wise and courageous", so he was renamed "wise and courageous" - Zhi Yong (智勇) - Zheng Zhi Yong (郑智勇). (因他曾资助孙中山的民主革命,并与他结拜为兄弟, 孙中山嘉其为“有智有勇”,故改名为“智勇”。

Birth Of Er-Ge Feng (二哥丰) & Father Zheng Shi Sheng (郑诗生) died

Er Gefeng’s father, Zheng Shi Sheng (郑诗生), was a villager in Qiyuan (淇园).  After the Opium War in 1840, he took his wife of "She Family" (佘氏) from Zhanglin Port (樟林港) to Siam on a red-headed boat. 

Er-Ge Feng (二哥丰)(1851-1937年)was born in the first year of Xianfeng in Qing Dynasty. A native of Da-He-Du Qi-Yuan Village, Haiyang County, Chaozhou Prefecture (潮州府海阳县大和都淇园村). After he became wealthy, he built another subsidiary new village (新乡) near Qiyuan (淇园),  therefore he is usually said to be from Xin-Xiang (新乡). (二哥丰生于清咸丰元年。潮州府海阳县大和都淇园村人。因他发达后在淇园临近另建一个附属的新乡,故通常说他是新乡人)

When Er-Ge Feng (二哥丰) was 9 years old, his father Zheng Shi Sheng (郑诗生), who had gone to Nan Yang twice to make a living, died in a foreign country. He was from a poor family and wandered around begging with his mother, from She family (佘氏). After his mother remarried to Nanjie Village (南界村) in Chenghai (澄海), Er-Ge Feng (二哥丰) was unwilling to be a "tie weighing boy" (贴秤仔) with his mother. He went to the aunt's husband's house in Hou Long (后陇) and An Zhai (安寨) to help herding cattle, cutting grass, and picking up dung. (二哥丰9岁那年,两度赴南洋谋生的父亲郑诗生客死异邦,家境贫寒的他,随母佘氏到处流浪乞讨。母亲改嫁到澄海南界村后,二哥丰不愿做“贴秤仔”随母。他就到后陇和安寨内姑母的婆家帮做放牛、割草、拾粪等杂工。)

In the early years of Tongzhi in the Qing Dynasty (清同治初年), 14-year-old Er-Ge Feng (二哥丰) received 19 silver dollars from his clan family and pawnshop head Zheng Yuwen (郑育文) to "send down the wind". He took sweet rice cakes, market baskets, and bath cloths from Shantou to Siam on a red-headed boat (红头船) to earn a living. (清同治初年,14岁的二哥丰得到族亲、当铺头家郑育文“送顺风”的19个银元资助,带着甜粿、市篮、浴布,从汕头搭乘红头船到暹罗谋生。)

At the beginning, he was a "Runner Boy" (跑街小伙计) in the warehouse run by Chaozhou people (The Teochews) at the Red Head Boat Wharf. After a bit of social experience, he went to the northern border by himself, did coolies first, and after a little savings, he sold medicinal materials, cloths and other things back to Sanpin Street (三聘街) in Siemjing (暹京). Er-Ge Feng (二哥丰) was almost killed when he was hijacked by a strongman during a cargo trafficking. He realized that he had to gather a group of like-minded brothers to work together in order to gain a foothold in Siam. (开始,他在红头船码头潮州人开的货栈里当跑街小伙计。有点社会经验后,独闯北部边陲,先做苦力,略有积蓄后,便贩运药材、布匹等物回暹京三聘街出卖。一次贩运货物途中被强人劫取,二哥丰险些丧命。他认识到必须聚集一帮志同道合的兄弟一起做事,才能在暹罗立足。

At the age of 16, he joined the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom (太平天国) King Kang's (康王) fugitive general, known as the "Big Brother Mang" (大哥莽) Chaozhou man Lin Mang (林莽), a private faction in the "Hua Siam Eighteen Gang"(华暹十八帮), a peripheral organization of the Fuming Hongmen Tiandi Association (反清复明洪门天地会的外围组) against the Qing Dynasty. (16岁那年,他加入太平天国康王的逃亡部将、人称“大哥莽”的潮州人林莽的反清复明洪门天地会的外围组织“华暹十八帮”中一个私派。

The origin of the name of Er-Ge Feng (二哥丰)

At the age of 35, he became the “second brother” of the gang’s deputy leader. After Lin Mang's death, the second brother Feng was promoted to the chief "Big Brother". Others renamed him the eldest brother, but he humbly asked people to still call himself "the second brother" (二哥). This is the origin of the name of Er-Ge Feng (二哥丰).   (35岁,他当上该帮派的副头领“二哥”。林莽过世后,二哥丰升任头领“大哥”。别人改称他为大哥,他却谦虚地要人仍叫自己为“二哥”,这便是二哥丰名字的来历。

After being promoted to Big Brother, Er-Ge Feng (二哥丰) advocated "harmony is the most precious" and did not use violence to resolve disputes. At the same time, he focused on maintaining coordination with the dynasty, reducing confrontation, and being friendly with the people, and gradually transformed the gang organization into a legal society organization. (升任“大哥”后,二哥丰提倡“和为贵”,不泛用暴力解决争端,同时注重与王朝保持协调,减少对抗,亲和民众,逐渐把帮派组织改造为合法的社团组织。

At that time, there was a "Dutch-born" gang in Siam, which was composed of Dutch and Siamese and was quite powerful. Once, a French prince came to visit Siam and was kidnapped by a "Dutch student". Out of justice, Er-Ge Feng (二哥丰) led more than a dozen congregation members to rescue the French prince, and his reputation became very popular. The smaller Hua Siam gangs borrowed heavily or turned to him, and they had to ask Er-Ge Feng (二哥丰) to come forward if they had troubles, and even the King of Siam looked at him with admiration. (当时暹京有个“荷兰生”的帮会,由荷兰人和暹罗人组成,颇有势力。一次,法国王子来暹京旅游,被“荷兰生”绑架。二哥丰出于正义,率会众十余人救出法国王子,名声大振。势力小的华暹帮会纷纷借重或投靠他,有麻烦事也得请二哥丰出面摆平,连暹罗王也对他刮目相看。

The Flower Fair  (花会

At the beginning of gaining power, coincided with the financial difficulties of the Thai dynasty, the fifth king decided to start gambling and taxation, and private organizations needed to come forward. Zheng Zhiyong relied on his social power and matched the social situation in Thailand at that time, contracted the "gambling rate" of the Royal Siamese government, opened the "Flower Club" casino, and formed a huge gambling taxation network. The general manager, banquets (gamblers), bodyguards, waiters, no fewer than thousands of people, collected a lot of taxes for the dynasty.  (得势之初,恰逢泰王朝财政困难,五世王决定开赌征税,需要私派组织出面。郑智勇凭借他的社会势力,配合当时泰国的社会情况,承包了暹罗王国政府的“赌饷”,开办“花会”赌场,形成一个庞大的开赌征税网络,手下人员上自司库、总管,下及批脚(收赌款人员)、保镖、侍者,不下数千人,为王朝征收了大量税款。郑智勇不但获得巨大酬金.)

"Huahui Factory" (花会厂) of Siam Capital's gambling industry was one of the important tax sources of the dynasty. But in this industry, underworld and gang forces have always intervened, and it is difficult to control and operate. As a result, a Chaozhou native of Surname Hu (胡姓) lost after contracting. Er-Ger Feng (二哥丰) was gaining momentum, and King Rama V (King Chulalongkorn) of Siam asked him to contract the entire Siam Flower Fair. (暹京的博彩业“花会厂”,是王朝的重要税源之一。但这一行业,历来黑社会和帮派势力插手其中,难以掌控和经营。因而,一位胡姓潮州人承包后失利。二哥丰势头正旺,暹王拉玛五世便请他承包全暹京花会厂。

"Flower Fair" was originally a form of gambling among the Chinese people. It was most popular in eastern Guangdong and southern Fujian in the past. It was passed down from Chaozhou to Siam. (“花会”本是中国民间的一种赌博形式,旧时在粤东闽南最为流行,它是潮州人传暹罗的。

Huahui factory has management personnel such as treasurer, general manager, footman, bodyguard, waiter, etc., to ensure the effective and normal operation of the casino. After the Siam Capital's Flower Fair Factory was on the right track, Er-Ge Feng (二哥丰) gradually extended this gaming industry to all provinces outside of Siam Capital. (花会厂设有司库、总管、批脚、保镖、侍者等管理人员,确保赌场能有效正常的运作。暹京花会厂走上正轨后,二哥丰逐渐把这一博彩业推广到暹京畿外各府。

Er-Ge Feng (二哥丰) started many businesses

With strong capital, Er-Ge Feng (二哥丰) founded the "Zheng Qian He Hao" (郑谦和号) general commercial bank, which operates shipping, Huolong (火砻) - Rice Mills , bank, pawn, newspaper {"Hua Siam Daily"} (华暹日报), Printing Bureau, etc. Business organizations spread all over the Southeast Asian countries and Japan, Hong Kong and the mainland. (有了雄厚的资本,二哥丰创办了“郑谦和号”总商行,经营包括航运、火砻、钱庄、当押、报纸{《华暹日报》}、印务局等。商务机构遍及南洋诸国和日本、香港及内地。

In 1905, he founded the "Hua Siam Shipping Company" (华暹轮船公司) with 8 ships sailing in Hong Kong, China, Shanghai, Xiamen, Shantou, Siam, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Singapore, Malaysia, and Japan. (1905年,他创办的“华暹轮船公司,8艘轮船航行于中国的香港和内地的上海、厦门、汕头和暹罗、印尼、越南、柬埔寨、新加坡、马来西亚及日本等港口。

When the Hua Siam Wharf was built, it coincided with the Japanese invasion of China. Yamamoto, a Japanese in Siam, also took a fancy to the dock under construction. Taking advantage of the temporary shutdown of the dock for some reason, he sent people to the construction site and resumed the project in an attempt to occupy the dock. Er-Ge Feng (二哥丰) and Yamamoto went to court several times, fought hard based on reason, and finally won the lawsuit. (在建造华暹码头时,正值日本侵华之际。旅暹日本人山本也看中在建码头,乘码头因故临时停工之机,派人强进工地,恢复工程,妄图占据码头。二哥丰与山本多次对簿公堂,据理力争,最终赢得官司。

Because of his great contribution to the Siamese economy, King Rama VI of Siam named Er-Ge Feng (二哥丰) the title of "Kun Bo" (坤伯) - Bo Jue (伯爵) - (Earl), and gave him the Siam surname as Cheng Chawani (郑差哇尼). (由于他对暹罗经济做出巨大贡献,暹王拉玛六世封二哥丰为“坤伯”(伯爵)头衔,赐其暹姓为郑差哇尼。

After  Er-Ge Feng (二哥丰) became prosperous, he attached great importance to giving back to the society. 

In Siam, he has repeatedly donated huge sums of money to the Red Cross and Tianhua Hospital (天华医院). Set up "Pei-ing School" (培英学校) and create a "Benevolence Hall" (报德善堂- Bao De Shang Tang) . Many good deeds such as building bridges, paving roads, and building piers have also been done. (二哥丰发达后,很重视回报社会的。在暹罗,他多次捐巨款给红十字会和天华医院。兴办“培英学校”,创建“报德善堂”。还做了许多诸如建桥梁、铺道路、造码头等善事。)

Er-Ge Feng (二哥丰) funded Sun Yat-sen's revolutionary activities and joined the Tong Meng Hui (同盟会)

In 1903, Sun Yat-sen went to Siam Capital for activities and came to Senior Official Rong Lu mansion (荣禄大夫府) to meet with Er-Ge Feng (二哥丰). The fifth son of Er-Ge Feng (二哥丰) who understood English, did English and Chaozhou dialect interpreter. Er-Ge Feng (二哥丰) generously donated his money to fund Sun Yat-sen's revolutionary activities and joined the Tong Meng Hui (同盟会). Sun Yat-sen is thirteen or four years younger than Er-Ge Feng (二哥丰), worship him as a righteous elder brother. The two forged deep friendship. (1903年,孙中山到暹京活动,来到荣禄大夫府第会见二哥丰,由懂英语的二哥丰第五子做英语和潮州话翻译。二哥丰慷慨解囊资助孙中山革命活动,还加入了同盟会。孙中山比二哥丰小十三、四岁,拜他为义兄,两人结下金兰之好。)

Er-Ge Feng (二哥丰) in Qing Dynasty official uniform

During the reign of Guangxu, Er-Ge Feng (二哥丰) donated 100,000 silver for domestic disaster relief, and the Qing Dynasty gave him a second-grade Hua Ling (二品花翎顶戴) wearing "Senior Official Rong-Lu" (荣禄大夫). This is the origin of the image of Er-Ge Feng (二哥丰) in Qing Dynasty official uniform. (光绪年间,二哥丰捐10万白银国内赈灾,清王朝诰赠他二品花翎顶戴的“荣禄大夫”。这就是“二哥丰佛牌”半身像着清朝官服的来历。)

After the victory of the Revolution of 1911, Sun Yat-sen became the interim president, and Er-Ge Feng (二哥丰) sent his fifth son to congratulate him, offering 50,000 guangyang and ivory carvings, and then donating 1 million baht to the Guangdong Dudu Mansion (广东都督府). (辛亥革命胜利后,孙中山就任临时大总统,二哥丰派第五子来祝贺,献5万光洋及象牙雕刻工艺品,后又赠暹币100万銖给广东都督府。)

In 1911, Er-Ge Feng (二哥丰) built a magnificent mansion with a combination of Chinese and Western styles near Qiyuan Village (淇园村) in his hometown, including ancestral halls, western-style buildings, schools, auditoriums, playgrounds, sports and entertainment venues, etc., covering an area of ​​140 acres, with 300 halls and rooms. During the War of Resistance Against Japan, the mansion was bombed by Japanese planes. It is rumored that Yamamoto tried to occupy the Hua Siam Wharf in Thailand and lost the lawsuit against Er-Ge Feng (二哥丰) and instigated revenge. (1911年二哥丰在家乡淇园村附近建成中西合璧,富丽堂皇的华厦巨宅,包括宗祠、洋楼、学校、礼堂、操场、体育娱乐场所等,占地140亩,厅、房300间。抗日战争期间,华厦巨宅遭日机轰炸,传闻系山本在泰国妄图霸占华暹码头,败诉于二哥丰而指使报复的。)

Later, two "shell ash roads" (贝灰路) were built from Qiyuan Xinxiang (淇园新乡) to Chaozhou Fucheng (潮州府城) and Fuyangxu City in the county (县内的浮洋墟市), with a total length of 42 li. (后来又修筑两条贝灰路,分别由淇园新乡通往潮州府城和县内的浮洋墟市,总长42华里。)

In 1916, the first "Zhiyong Higher Primary School" (智勇高等小学) exempted school fees for 1st intake, miscellaneous, board and lodging fees, enrolled 180 students in three classes, and hired the famous teacher of Chaozhou Jinshan Middle School (潮州金山中学), Mr. Yang Liu (杨柳先生), as the first principal. (1916年,“智勇高等小学”首届免收学、杂及食宿等费用,招收三班180名学童入学,聘请潮州金山中学著名教师杨柳先生为第一任校长。)

After the huge mansion in Huaxia (华厦巨宅) was built, Er-Ge Feng (二哥丰)  learned that his mother, Mrs. She, had a hard life in Nanjie Village (南界村), Chenghai, and that his second husband had passed away. Regardless of the opposition of the feudal defenders in the Zheng clan, he resolutely took her back to Xinxiang to enjoy the blessing. "I lived in an old house in the past, but now "I live in a new hall and 300 rooms. I didn't even dream of it!". (华厦巨宅建成后,二哥丰得知老母佘氏太夫人在澄海南界村生活艰辛,第二任丈夫已过世,不顾郑氏族内封建卫道士的反对,毅然接其回新乡享福。昔日住一旧厝,现时居新的厅、房三百间,连做梦也没想到!)

In 1917, on the eve of the 80th birthday of Mrs. She - 佘氏太夫 (Er-Ge Feng's Mother - 二哥丰的母亲) , Sun Yat-sen, who was the General Marshal of the Navy and Army in the Guangzhou military government, happily ordered a pen to write a birthday card with the Chinese character "寿" (Sou) . The head of Haiyang County (海阳县长) came to express birthday good wishes to an elderly person on his behalf. (1917年,在庆祝佘氏太夫人八十大寿前夕,时在广州军政府任海陆军大元帅的孙中山,欣然命笔,亲题一个大“寿”字的寿幛,落款“孙文敬贺”,嘱托海阳县长代他前来为义母拜寿。)

At the beginning of 1918, a major earthquake occurred in Chaozhou, which jeopardized the Hanjiang embankment. Er-Ge Feng (二哥丰) successively donated 380,000 taels of gold and a large number of materials transported from Siam to build the south and north embankments. The Chaozhou gentlemen and elders built the "Zheng Gong Zhi Yong Memorial Pavilion" and the "Zheng Gong Zhi Yong Monument" on the embankment to show their merits!  (1918年初,潮州发生大地震,危及韩江堤防。北堤是关系到潮汕平原数县人民生命安全的重要堤防,郑智勇拨黄金38万两,并用他来往汕头至曼谷的五福轮船公司的轮船运来大批物资,修筑南堤、北堤和东堤。修复工程于次年8月竣工,潮州绅士父老在北堤建“郑公智勇纪念亭” ,在南堤树“郑公智勇纪念碑”,以纪念其功绩。

Er-Ge Feng (二哥丰)  passed away

On the 7th day of the 3rd lunar month in 1937, 87-year-old Er-Ge Feng (二哥丰)  passed away in Siam. Before his death, he instructed his family to dedicate Senior Official Rong-Lu Mansion (荣禄大夫府), located in the third district of Papachachai, Bangkok, to the dynasty government. It was later converted into a Central Police Station building (Prapacha Police Station Building). 

On the roof of the 4th floor of the building, there is Er-Ge Feng Temple (二哥丰庙) for worshippers. The eldest lady and other clansmen worship even more respectfully and piously. (1937年农历三月初七日,87岁的二哥丰在暹京逝世。逝世前,他嘱咐家人,把位于曼谷拍抛猜三区的荣禄大夫府第献给王朝政府。后改建为14层的中央警署大楼。该楼第4层的天台上,建有二哥丰庙,供信众祭拜。大小姐等族人祭拜更是恭敬、虔诚。)

Er-Ge Feng's coffin was transported back to his hometown in China

During the mourning of Er-Ge Feng (二哥丰) , both the Siamese Dynasty and the Chinese National Government sent special envoys to express their condolences. (在追悼二哥丰期间,暹罗王朝和中国国民政府都派出特使到灵前吊唁。)

Er-Ge Feng's coffin was transported back to his hometown and buried in a deep pit on the east side of Long Shan Da Ji Ridge  (葬后陇山大脊岭东侧的深坑). The inscription reads "Zhi Yong Zheng Cemetery of Senior Official Rong- Lu" (祖考荣禄大夫智勇郑公墓). (二哥丰灵柩后运回故乡,葬后陇山大脊岭东侧的深坑。碑文曰“祖考荣禄大夫智勇郑公墓”。)

Pictures of Er-Ge Feng’s tomb are contained in the township document "Feng-Tang Town Chronicles"《凤塘镇志》

Video Of The Real History 
of Er Ge Feng (二哥丰) / Zheng Zhi Yong(郑智勇) 
- By His Descendants (In Teochew Language)

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